Reminder everyone in the use of metal laser cutting machine process

Brief Discussion on the use Laser engraver for sale of metal laser cutting machine on the human body injury.Under normal circumstances, the use of laser cutting machine ,laser welding machines, laser marking machine or, using more natural body will be hurt. This operator skill is more crucial issues, but also to the urgent attention and prevention. Because the laser cutting as a thermal cutting in the highest precision machining of a class wrist, laser cutting works, the harm to human body mainly in the eyes and the skin on, take the necessary protective measures will be similar to the damage to a minimum . The following detailed account of the importance of this two-part injury.

1, skin damage
Due co2 laser cutting machine to the physical structure of the human skin has a very sensitive touch, pain, temperature and other functions, constitute a good maintenance level. And the skin tissues by the multi-level components, has a different cell in each layer. When the laser shines skin, such as its energy (power) is too large can cause skin damage, of course, be able to repair the tissue damage foci, although the function has declined, but does not affect the overall function of the structure, and damage to the eyes is much lighter .

But also have caused great deal of attention. Laser damage threshold of the skin is also very high, a variety of laser output energy difference are large, the use of high power lasers generally range. Laser mapping dose level of injury to the skin and laser wavelength of the laser, color depth, thickness tissue water and various elements of the stratum corneum of the skin related to the main elements of the previous three.

2, eye damage
Laser damage to the laser cutter in the body to the most serious damage to the eyes. A wavelength in the visible and near-infrared laser light,metal laser cutting machine  the absorption rate is low refractive medium, high transmittance, and the focusing to the refractive medium (i.e., the converging ability). High-intensity visible or near infrared light enters the eye through the human eye can refractive media, accumulation of light on the retina.

At this point the laser energy density and power density of the retina progress to thousands or even hundreds of times, a lot of light in the instant gather at the  retina, causing retinal photoreceptor cell layer temperature quickly rises to cause degeneration of photoreceptor cells solidification necrosis and loss of the photosensitive effect. Overheating when the laser together in the photoreceptor cells and coagulation proteins caused degeneration is not reversible damage. Once the damage will form a permanent blind eye.

On the track, due to the wavelength of the laser cutting machine laser almost all absorbed by the co2 laser engraving machine cornea, the most severe corneal damage. Far-infrared light damage attack should cover maintenance hurt the eyes, avoid the onset of infection, symptomatic disposal. Therefore, Meike laser cutting machine manufacturers Reminder everyone in the use of metal laser cutting machine process, remember to take safety precautions and ensure personal safety.

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