Recovery precision CNC machine tool precision abnormal cause analysis

Recovery precision CNC machine tool precision abnormal cause analysis

One, the cause of fault recovery exception processing of CNC machine tool precision.

Strong concealment of the causes of the abnormal processing precision fault, diagnosis is difficult. Based on years of practical experience, summed up five main reasons: machine tool feed unit is changed or changes; Each axis machine tool of zero offset exception; Axial backlash exception; Abnormal motor running state, i.e., electrical and control part exception; Mechanical failure, such as screw, bearing, coupling device shaft parts. Another procedure formulation, processing cutting tool selection and artificial factors, also may lead to abnormal processing precision.

Two, CNC machine tool fault diagnosis principle

1. After the first external internal CNC machine tools is the collection of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, as one of the machine tool, so the failure will be reflected by the three integrated. Maintenance personnel should be outside-in on a screen, and try to avoid random unsealed, disassembly, otherwise it will enlarge the fault, make the loss of machine tool accuracy, reduce performance.

2. After the first mechanical electrical in general, mechanical failure find more easily, while the numerical control system fault diagnosis is difficult. Before troubleshooting, first of all, pay attention to rule out a mechanical fault, often can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

3. The first static after the move, first under the machine the stationary state of power, by understanding, observation, testing, analysis, identified as non destructive failure after, can give a machine electricity; Under the operation condition for dynamic observation, inspection and testing, to find fault.

4. After the first simple when there is a variety of complex fault interweave each other, at that time do not know how to start, should first solve the problem of easy, after solve difficult problems. Often after solve simple problem, difficult problem may also be easier.

Three, CNC machine tool fault diagnosis methods

1. The intuitive method (listening, asking and) q – machine failure phenomenon, processing conditions, etc

2. Parameters test is usually stored in RAM, sometimes the battery voltage is insufficient, the system for a long time without power will make parameter is missing or confusion or external interference, should according to the characteristics of the fault inspection and calibration of relevant parameters.

3. Some fault isolation method, is difficult to distinguish between CNC parts, or servo system and mechanical parts, isolation method is often adopted.

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