Mini Fiber Laser Etching Machine
Release time: Dec 7, 2017
Source: MORN
  • Small size is suitable for various production situations, offices or with automated production line. You can move it to anywhere at anytime.

    It is often transport by air. Because it is small enough. Then no need too much transport cost, especially to America, Europe countries. For the other countries, mainly transport by sea to save transportation cost.

    Even this machine body is small enough. However, we also equipped it with lift. To let him suit to more products, both for small parts and big objects well marking.

    Fiber laser marking machine is professional for both metal and nonmetal material marking. Such as stainless steel, carbon steel, Aluminum, Copper, Anodized Aluminum, silver, gold etc. as well as lots of nonmetal materials, like plastic, leather, cardboard etc.

    This series machine is widely used in metal field and nonmetal field, such as automatic parts industry, medical Equipment, electronic components, IT industry, hardware industry etc.

  •  Laser source                


     Work size                 


     Laser Wavelength                


     Response time                


     Frequency of pulse                


     Marking depth                


     Marking speed                

     ≤7000mm/s (≤2000mm/s is better)                

     Marking lines                

     1-10 lines(in the marking area)                

     Minimum line width                


     Minimum character                


     Repeatability accuracy                 


     Cooling system                

     air cooling, very convenient                


     With CE & FDA Certificate                


     Professional for metal and some non metal                 

     Control system                

     PC control with JCZ EZCAD software                

     Operation system                

     Microsoft Windows7 / XP, etc.                

     Supply Voltage                


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