oth of these two models are the economic intelligent laser engraving machine

The only difference of them: MT3050DI with manual up down working table, but MT3050DII with electric ( motorized) up down working table.

Portable home laser engraving machineAbout this laser machine model, we have two types: MT3050DI and MT3050DII.Both of these two models are the economic intelligent laser engraving machine, small size and easy to transport.

Laser cutting machine laser micromachining laser source usually short, super strong, super fast, high beam quality of the laser. When the metal laser cutting machine laser with these characteristics and material effects, can be significantly constrained performance micro, small effects on non-laser cutting machine processing zone, the amount of material processed can be done very fine, even up to a single atomic state separation (ablative ), the subject of the earth to improve the machining accuracy.

In order to change the bending angle of small parts made different proposals and has been implemented. Laser engraving machine calibration point heat relay mechanism is an example of an application. Laser cutting machine Non-contact spring with a certain position to form a closed loop.

Under the action of the laser pulse, co2 laser cutting machine the contact spring continuously curved until it loses the connection with the fixed contact point. This moment can be measured by a simple resistor, the use of this method allows for fine position of the contact spring so that the completion of the relay function,

In the above-mentioned method is extremely useful in many fields. Laser engraver for sale In addition, the laser engraving technique can also be used for in-plane correction, for example, by adjusting the passage of the part or parts without changing their bending plane position. This idea is still in the basic research and development in the state.

Laser processing resolution determined by the formula: lateral resolution

Therefore, using a shorter wavelength laser cutting machine, you can get a smaller processing resolution. For example, using an excimer laser mechanism of action based on cold, almost no raw materials to the surrounding heat affected, so you can get close to the ideal processing borders, neat, steep and high, no spatter residue.

Processing site material may exhibit excellent properties of the original material, and in processing easily shielded adsorption effect of impurities commonly micromachining process: As part of the non-contact optical processing, the performance of the matrix material and the machining area (thermal physical properties, physical and chemical properties,co2 laser engraving machine mechanical properties, electrical properties) the harmful effects of small, satisfactory machining quality can be obtained.

Etched sidewall surface machining with a high degree of vertical, no side effect of undercutting, showing more significant anisotropic etching effect, so you can get more than the conventional chemical etching, dry etching and other means of deep micromachining aspect ratio.

Further, not like in the silicon etching process in the , and crystal plane orientation of the etching selectivity is limited. Along any direction of the material can be processed excimer

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