Optical fiber laser cutting machine has a big advantage

(1) fiber laser cutting machine can realize precise cutting
Of (among) all the way of thermal cutting, laser cutting can achieve the best cutting quality, especially on the fine characteristics of diameter and thickness ratio is less than 1:1 and hole cutting.As a result, laser cutting technology has become the industry’s most suitable for strict fine cutting method.Optical fiber laser cutting machine can achieve less than 10 mm sheet metal precision cutting.
(2) fiber laser cutting machine for unlimited machine size

Optical fiber laser is working through the diode and the fiber optic cable transmission.And gas laser technology in the mirror must be set within a certain distance, fiber laser technology without limit, so there is no limit to the size of machine tools.Similarly, when compared to the same power of gas cutting system, as a result of the optical fiber bending capacity makes the system more compact.
(3) fiber sheet cutting function effectively

Optical fiber laser with short wavelengths, features so as to improve the absorptivity of cutting material on the beam, and enables the cutting such as brass and copper, and of non-conductive material.More focused beam generate smaller focus and deeper depth of focus, so that optical fiber laser can be quickly cutting thin materials and more effectively cutting medium thickness of the material.

(4) fiber laser cutting machine of electro-optical conversion rate is high

With the optical fiber laser full solid state digital module, a single design, optical fiber laser cutting machine has higher than co2 laser cutting electro-optic conversion efficiency.For co2 cutting system of the power supply unit, the actual utilization rate of about 8% to 8% in general.For fiber laser cutting system, users can expect higher power efficiency, about between 25% to 30%.Optical fiber laser cutting machine, in other words, the overall energy consumption than about 3 to 5 times less carbon dioxide cutting system, up to more than 86% of energy efficiency.

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