Optical fiber laser cutting machine for cutting the metal sheet is advanced processing technology

In for sheet metal parts for processing it, USES the way of cutting is a kind of hot cutting technology, from the board edge began to carry on the processing, then wear a hole on sheet metal processing. Before for sheet metal processing machinery and equipment, is a kind of punching machine, by using extrusion punch in the above, the formation of a small hole, and then according to the mobile, forming cutting, for such devices, however, the high cost, maintenance cost very much, in the late so late in the presence of the laser cutting machine equipment instead.
Equipment of laser cutting machine, and did not improve the processing of this type, but later in the way of cutting, stamping without this device, reduce the later maintenance costs, capable of processing way is to use laser of high temperature melting, and then based on the value of for mobile, forming cutting gap, so this type of equipment, won the love of sheet metal industry businesses, but the laser cutting machine equipment, still need some maintenance costs, such as laser tube is a periodic consumables, this let the merchants of sheet metal industry to worry some. But when the optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment research, this phenomenon completely improved.
If the sheet metal merchants to the requirement of cutting sheet metal pieces of the arc, so the original straight laser cutting machine equipment processing can not meet, but fiber laser cutting machine equipment would be able to solve.
If process for sheet metal pieces of shape accuracy requirement, then the original laser cutting machine equipment need to be modified, optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment can debug directly, however, save the cost.
Can be seen from the processing technology, the above for sheet metal parts processing, optical fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of advanced manufacturing technology, equipment can not only meet the demand of all the processing, production and in the original period, efficiency, cost above all got a big improvement, carried out a reform to the sheet metal equipment.

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