Optical fiber laser cutting machine filter

First introduced the optical fiber laser cutting machine filter simple practice in optical fiber laser cutting machine is introduced:
Fiber laser cutting machine is a sheet metal cutting equipment developed in recent years, it is compared with the CO2 laser cutting machine, with high photoelectric conversion rate, cutting speed, low maintenance cost, many advantages are the sheet metal processing enterprises one of the most popular cutting equipment.
A lot of small parts of laser cutting machine all actually plays a big role, especially laser, laser, filter, etc., to introduce the below were the focus of this paper – filter:
Filter is a kind of laser cutting machine can eliminate the interference of the noise or noise of a device, it can be input or output process, get a very pure dc after filtering, the frequency of a particular frequency or effective filtering in the frequency of the circuit, is the filter, its function is to get a particular frequency or eliminate a certain frequency, it is very important.
Laser cutting equipment of all like people as a whole, to filter the product parts is the core part requisite.

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