Operation of the optical fiber laser cutting machine it is important to note that the choice of cutting materials

Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a certain skill in operation, if the improper operation for machine and the operator will cause varying degrees of impact, let’s to introduce the operation of the optical fiber laser cutting machine to you need to pay attention to the problem.
1) it is best to assess integrated laser cutting parts and how to set need to buy the parts is also taken into account. Equipped with a laser power supply, gas, work station, laser cutting head and highly controller, numerical control (CNC) and cutting system will implement the integration of the control program solution treasure your benefit. With integrated solutions, purchase and integration process of fiber laser system become less complicated. Consider screening prior to determine the cutting parameters and optimization are applied to the system of cutting, and began to cut in immediately after turning on the power supply.

2) the choice of cutting materials. Although fiber laser cutting machine is good at cutting most of the material, but it cannot be used for cutting class acrylic or polycarbonate material, and can only be cut wood or fiber material in the field of limited application. At the same time, to determine when to use optical fiber laser cutting, cutting to cut the thickness of the material is a very important factor. Thicker material need more power cut, and these cases, the laser cutting may not be a good choice. At this point you can use next to install the optical fiber laser in plasma cutting head. Before quickly and easily switch to the plasma cutting, operators can use the fiber laser cutting requirements tolerance small thin materials. Even you can use two kinds of different cutting method for cutting the same parts. For example, operators may choose to use external plasma cutting parts, and then use the optical fiber laser cutting internal shape.

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