On the one hand avoid C02 laser focus

co2 laser material having a high reflectivity can cut with a YAG laser.Transmission. On the one hand avoid C02 laser focus during the flight due to a wide range of optical path changes arising from drift. On the other hand by the robot on the assembly line can be achieved with highly flexible laser cutting Furthermore, Nd: laser wavelength YAl3 C02 laser is only 1/10 of the same article can be obtained at Chiang smaller than the C02 laser beam spot, and more narrow slit, so that the laser cutting of thin metal sheet to use more, and has a small power peak power pulsed Nd: YAG laser as excitation competing Fan: Finally, co2 laser engraver as for the copper and other C02 laser light having a high reflectance material you can only use the Nd: YAG light cutting.

In laser cutting system laser emitted from the laser beam output window is transmitted by the transmission system to the rainbow position.

Beam delivery systems are generally divided into two categories: Mirror Group and fiber optic transmission oNd: wood laser engraving machine YAG stables can use the mirror group transmission can also be transmitted through the fiber, C02 laser can only use the mirror group Chuan Gan ugly though C02 laser can not use optical fiber transmission, but placed within the  articulated arm through the mirror group) may also be carried out with the  robot with the flexible manufacturing.

Compared pedicle arm system off a major advantage of the conventional light guide lens group system is that it requires only a small adjustment. In addition, because such a system in the light guide through the PSII process remains unchanged and thus can get a constant focus spot, and the instability of conventional mirror group Bringing light guide system in order to eliminate hiding optical path changes resulting from beam focusing characteristics must like complex and expensive auxiliary compensation.

Laser engraving machine laser head is what caused the deviation
First: we must first look at the materials have put positive: If acrylic laser engraving 60CM paper put skew 06MM, take the paper will be about 5 meters deviation of 5 meters.

Second: When the table is dirty or sticky residue, so that both sides of the paper by the imbalance of the resistance movement, leading to gradually produce deflection caused about deviation;

Third: press wheel wear variations, or pressure roller mismatch will cause about wandering, about the pressure roller should be slightly tapered, the bulk of outward pressure roller pressure is too small, the paper vulnerable to external forces generated deflection.

Fourth: before and after weight ranging from sticky notes (such as long and short in front of more complex diagram engraved, will result in gradually backward deviation,co2 laser engraving machine  then the best termination period of the previous paper).

Fourth: Step Motor lost cause deviation.
These are laser engraving machine customers need to pay attention to a few points, and if in doubt do not understand, and we welcome to call us, we will be dedicated to answer your questions

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