non-metallic materials processing industry preferred CO2 laser cutting machine

Different industries to buy different laser cutting and engraving machine.Although laser cutting machine is co2 laser cutting machine powerful, widely used, can be applied in different industries which are. But not to say that just bought one on the bin, the industry should consider their own specifications and materials were used to buy the corresponding requirements of laser cutting machine.

A clothing fabrics dedicated laser cutting machine if for crafts or sheet metal processing, the resulting effect is not very good no. Mainly in the middle of the assembly debugging process, manufacturers will need for the customer to debug, the most appropriate value after the factory was given to the customers.

CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine is three of the more mainstream laser processing equipment.

The object of their role are different: the former is mainly used for processing of non-metallic materials and metal sheets, the price is among the three most advantageous, non-metallic materials processing industry preferred CO2 laser cutting machine.

Second YAG laser wavelength determines that it is designed for the metalworking industry and services, the thickness can reach 10MM. The latter fiber laser beam no effect on non-metallic materials, so only able to use in the processing of metallic materials.

Laser cutting confidential how to adjust the focus?

Focusing laser cutting machine (adjust the focus) is a commissioning work must be completed in order to follow higher precision machining, we need to really understand a technique of this approach in the future work is to be learned.

Focal spot of the laser is adjusted to the minimum time, performed to establish initial burst effect, by the size of the spot to determine the effect of focal length position, and we just look for the laser spot to a minimum of time, then this position is the best processing focal length and then begin processing work.

We offer co2 laser cutting machine with low price and high quality. Like this model MT-L1212, co2 laser engraving machine customer could choose the laser tubes according to their own needs, such as 80W reci, 100W reci, 130W reci max. Different laser power could cut different thickness.

Co2 laser cutter now has a big market, we also looking for agents all over the world, if you are interested in this area, PLS feel free to contact us, send emails or leave messages to us, we are always at your service.

In the first part of the laser cutting machine debugging, we can use some debugging paper, scrap piece to determine the accuracy of the focus position of the burst, the height of the position of the laser head moves up and down, there is a different size variations will burst when the laser spot size. Repeatedly adjust different positions, to find a minimum spot position and focal length to determine the optimal position of the laser head.

Acrylic laser cutting and engraving machine selection and processing of the root causes of

Why advertising industry acrylic cutting and engraving laser machine to use? Mainly metal laser cutting machine because customers prefer laser ultra-precision and high-efficiency characteristics cutting acrylic, is the most popular, the most inexpensive way to processing costs.

Stable performance laser cutting machine, long run time, the input image to be processed shortcuts, but also have become the “most cattle cut star” some of the main reasons, which are unmatched by traditional Die processing, because the latter also it takes a lot of time and money to make the processing of mold, increase the cost of the customer does not want to see.

Why Acrylic What are the features that can be used to do often substitute glass (also known as PMMA). It differs from most glass is characterized in terms of having to play against a very prominent advantages, but it’s translucent, plasticity also get more recognition.

Acrylic come to light through a variety of decorative embellishment color scheme, Laser engraver for sale will be more reflective of the beautiful side.

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