Why fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular?
Release time:Jun 4, 2018

Since the 20th century, laser has been another major invention for mankind after atoms, computers, and semiconductors. People call him the "fastest knife" and "the most accurate ruler." Here we will introduce fiber laser cutting machine.


The working principle of the fiber laser cutting machine is that the laser high temperature instantly vaporizes the plate, the auxiliary gas blows out the vaporized plate slag at the same time, makes it separate, and completes the cutting work of the plate with the mechanical movement of the machine.


The auxiliary gas mentioned here usually refers to nitrogen and oxygen. Auxiliary gas has four key roles. Firstly, auxiliary gas reacts with metal materials to increase cutting force. Secondly, auxiliary gas can help the equipment blow off slag cleaning welds. Thirdly, auxiliary gas can cool weld adjacent area, reducing the size of the heat affected zone. Finally, protect the focusing lens to prevent combustion products from contaminating the optical lens.


Fiber cutting machine is mainly used for thin sheet metal cutting, so it is used in advertising, metal handicrafts, jewelry, hardware, automobile manufacturing, aviation equipment, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, CNC machine tools, precision parts and other metal industries.


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