mini laser engraving machine price for model MT3050C is economic and acceptable for all of DIY client

Laser engraving machine laser device alias, first of all thank you for choosing the company’s laser engraving machine! The laser engraving machine adopts imported raw devices, equipped with computer control systems and laser technology in one, simple, engraving speed, great depth, durable, automatic point, font specifications, security capabilities and other characteristics. The engraving machine for precision instruments and equipment, and transportation equipment are usually rail or car transportation, severe vibration during transport when the Super League, rubber stamp laser engraving machine might inevitably mean that some of the binding sites of the machine parts are damaged or even fall off.

Before you do this in the official use of the product, needs to be checked one by one of its key parts or even replacement. Please be assured that the company’s technical staff are  professional skills through company maintenance training, after a rigorous selection process, they are fully equipped with the ability of the product quality of the product when debugging to the factory. Said the work of the company’s technical staff is completely normal debugging range, is an extension of the company’s quality assurance system in the client, rather than the quality of the product, for which special to be a statement to you.

Special Note:
1, when the northern winter, the machine is idle or night’s rest, circulating water inside the laser emission clean place to prevent water pipe freezing and the cracking of the laser tube. (Room temperature to ensure that the next time to consider the case of relatively high)
2. sculpture, found the light path deviation should be adjusted as soon as the light path (non-professionals do not move the optical path).
3. Before stamp laser making machine use, check the cooling water, parallel lines and the power to do in the absence of non-state cooling water so as to prevent damage to the laser, always check the mirror and aggregation mirror, gently  wipe with a cotton flower dust, as found coating is damaged, should be replaced.
Desktop mini laser engraving machine MT3050Cas the cheaper price ,higher cost-performance ,that has become the most popular small laser engraving machine ! mini laser engraving machine price for model MT3050C is economic and acceptable for all of DIY client.

Daily use FAQs
1. The laser is not light, you should:
a. Check the current adjustment knob is at the zero point, and if so, set it to the appropriate location.
b. As before, the laser power has gradually decay, it may be the end of life, should be replaced.
c. Determine the laser switch has been pressed.
d. whether the observed cooling water is normal,laser rubber stamp making machine as it has stopped working, you might lasers have been damaged, you should immediately shut down, half an hour after the maintenance of the cooling water system to a normal state, before re-boot.

2. typesetting, after the output of the laser head does not move, you should:
a. Turn off the power and check the parallel wiring is connected.
b. Determine engraving machine is online.

3. The laser work, engraving parameters are correct, but the sculpture is not good, you should:
a. determine whether the laser power has been attenuated, rubber stamp making machine as do this case, you should increase the output current or consider replacing the laser.
b. Check whether the carving plane gathered on the mirror focal plane.
c.Check whether the optical path deflecting: successively with mylar cover first, second, third, entrance mirror (first generation machine has four mirrors), press the laser switches and manual test switch, observe position of the spot, such as the deviation from the entrance to the center position and angle fine adjustment should be a laser or light beam in order to ensure the mirror after the mirror aggregation heart.

d.Unwanted lines engraving process occurs, you should check the parallel port data lines, replaced with new lines if necessary.

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