Metal laser cutting machine is adopted metal laser

Metal laser cutting machine focusing lens cleaning method.Metal laser cutting machine is adopted metal laser which is using xenon lamp as excitation source and focused the laser on the workpiece surface, the workpieces are there areas of partial melting and moment , move the light irradiation by CNC machine computer control system and automatic punch.

Metal laser cutting machine focusing lens cleaning method: focusing lens metal laser cutting machine is the only access to the machined surface of a lens, in the process equipment operation, the cutting produced metal dust, slag, easily attached to the focusing lens, focus the lens when the mirror is dirty transmittance becomes low, heat resistance becomes Laser engraver for sale high, if not promptly do the cleaning work, the focus of the lens will be very easy to explode.

Only proper cleaning focusing lens, the lens in order to maintain a high transmittance, guarantee quality metal laser cutting, will be described in detail below small metal laser cutting machine focusing lens cleaning method:
Focusing lens is a very delicate product, and also affect cut quality when cleaning requires considerable care. Clean the lens, you need to get lighter, light, light cleaning, to avoid scratches or shun bad surface coating in the process, in addition, it is recommended to do before the day cleaning the boot.

Metal laser cutting machine focusing lens cleaning method details:

1, to wear when handling the lenses finger or rubber gloves to avoid soiling the hands of the oil lens.

2. Not available tools take the lenses to avoid scratching the lens.

3, the lens can not be easily placed in other rough or hard surface of the article, be sure to put the lens on paper, to avoid scratching the lens surface.

4, for the gold or copper surfaces clean and not to touch.

Metal laser cutting machine focusing lens is precision-type parts, keep the surface clean to avoid damage to the laser lens, thus affecting the laser cutting effect, if not clean the focusing lens, the lens may cause serious explosion unusable, and even affect the quality of the equipment.
Pipe cutting principle for laser cutting machine

Pipe cutting principle for laser cutting machine: pipe special laser cutting machine for cutting pipe has a unique co2 laser engraving machine advantage to the various metal pipe multi-faceted, multi-angle, any graphic cutting precision and efficiency, in terms of pipe cutting high attainments, has attracted many metal pipe cutters attention.

Below small  detail under the principle of special cutting pipe laser cutting machine:

Tubing for laser cutting machine is a high-power laser applications by focusing produce high density energy to achieve. Under the control of the CNC system, the laser pulse discharges, so that the high-repetition frequency of the controlled metal laser cutting machine laser pulses, a certain frequency and pulse width of the light beam.

The pulsed laser beam and the reflected light passing through the conductive path through the focusing lens group, and is focused on the processing surface of the object, forming a fine, high-energy density spot, the focal spot is located near the surface to be processed to instantaneous high temperature melting or vaporization of the workpiece .

High-energy laser pulse instantly put the surface sputtered out a small hole, under computer control, laser cutting machine cutting head and co2 laser cutting machine the workpiece material at a pre-painted good graphics for continuous relative motion RBI, which would put the object is processed into desired shape.

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