Metal laser cutting machine frame design and development

Machinery and equipment research and development and production is a matter of keep improving, the overall structure of equipment, small to a button, cannot careless, otherwise not only affect the company’s reputation, but also bring unexpected casualties. So, machinery and technical personnel of enterprises must enhance self-discipline, to do a good job of each item.
In metal laser cutting machine frame design, how to reasonable arrangement of metal, reduce weight, improve body rigidity, reduce the effect of temperature change on the accuracy, is a design that needs to be addressed in the process of problem. So, metal laser cutting machine frame design and r&d what to content basically include? Take a look at to introduce!
1) to determine the laser cutting machine under different conditions and the environment fast, high precision, stable operation condition.
2) according to the requirement of functional frame structure, parameters, combined with the structure characteristics of laser cutting machine, and set up the corresponding dynamic model.
3) the research frame of the structure and parameters on the frame of the static, dynamic stiffness and the influence of thermal stability, and provide theory according to the frame design.
4) determine the mutual coupling between the frame and other components.

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