Metal laser cutting machine application

Metal laser cutting machine in the kitchen bathroom.Metal laser cutting machine application:

The machine is widely used in industries of metal, it mainly used to cut metal such as stainless steel, carbon steel etc. With 600W, it can cut stainless steel 1-6mm, carbon steel 1-8mm, brass 1-4mm, aluminum 1-3mm, aluminum alloy 1-4mm.

The standard size of this machine is 1300*2500mm, but we also can offer1500*3000mm and 1200*1200mm 🙂

Metal laser cutting machine in kitchen sanitary applications: metal laser cutting machine in the sheet metal processing industry cite the severity of head position is for all to see, especially in the kitchen bathroom industry, such as: range hoods, gas appliance so extensive use of sheet gold panel, co2 laser engraving machine and kitchen utensils commonly used in the bathroom as a living product, everyone their quality, beautiful, innovative and high-efficiency requirements are more stringent, and the traditional cutting machines to meet these requirements has become quite difficult, at this time, metal laser appear cutter for kitchen bathroom industry has brought a new dawn for the kitchen sanitary processing industries to create a new breakthrough.

The traditional cutting machine production is slow, the cost of high consumption, the production process is limited. The kitchen as a family bathroom daily essential household products, with the continuous improvement of living standards, people are increasing their demand, kitchen sanitary ware market is like a sunrise industry of our country. It needs more professional design, faster production cycles, more personalized engineering requirements.

At this point, the traditional cutting methods have been unable to meet production needs, can not even help companies co2 laser cutting machine to undertake larger orders, helping companies to achieve a breakthrough and development.

Metal laser cutting machine appears to solve the kitchen bathroom manufacturers has been plagued by problems, Wuhan high-energy laser medium power laser cutting machine Laser engraver for sale ingenious mechanical design, performance, powerful control system, imported laser cutting lenses, excellent parts configuration, improved excellent cutting results:

High precision, high efficiency, flexible, can be cut all kinds of complex graphics and a series of features, the perfect solution to kitchen sanitary industry now production needs, can quickly complete any pattern cutting, reducing technology the number of workers, reducing the pressure on labor costs, but also greatly improved work efficiency, shorten the development cycle and costs of new products. Can help companies quickly produce large quantities of demand, metal laser cutting machine promotes kitchen new bathroom trends.

These are the correlation analysis “metal laser cutting machine in kitchen bathroom Applications”, metal laser cutting machine brings new technologies to promote new developments and breakthroughs metal laser cutting machine in the industry. Wuhan high-energy laser to introduce internationally advanced technology, together with improved service, in the laser device industry has many customers trust and good reputation.

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