Metal laser cutting machine annealing treatment is necessary to do it

Metal laser cutting machine about six advantages.Lift the metal laser cutting machine, people in the industry more clearly. In the metal cutting industry, the traditional processing methods durability of low consumption, high cost, quality rough, etc., has failed to meet consumers’ aesthetic and consumer attitudes; the laser as a new processing methods to meet the needs of the consumers . In addition to these advantages, what are the advantages of it? Here we announced six advantages for metal laser cutting machine, for everyone to share.

1, high cutting precision, good stability: the CNC router machine use of precision ball screw drive mechanism, optimized CNC system can meet the precision machining parts, and stable dynamic performance, sustainable long working hours.

2, good quality cutting section: cutting  head with mechanical servo system, the cutting head with the level of the follower plate, cutting position remains unchanged, the slit smooth, without subsequent processing section, adapted flat or curved sheet metal cutting .

3, cutting large format, adapted to cut material more widely used: format can be cut within 2500mm 1250mm sheet metal. Processable material: ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc.

4. Cost-effective: for sheet cutting can replace CO2 laser wood CNC router machine cutting machine, CNC punching and shearing machine, with its whole cost equivalent to 1/4 of CO2 laser cutting machine, CNC punch 1/2.

5. Low cost: The machine uses a laser YAG laser, using primarily supplies electricity, cooling water, auxiliary gas and laser lights, the average hourly cost about 28 yuan.

6, the cutting speed, high efficiency: The machine for maximum cutting speed of ordinary carbon steel is 2 m / min, the average speed of 1 m / min, the net profit.

Metal laser cutting machine annealing treatment is necessary to do it

In recent years, metal laser cutting machine technology in constant innovation and improvement, has gradually shifted from foreign production domestic independent creation.

With the continuous development of industry, manufacturing of precision and quality metal laser cutting machine requirements are getting higher and higher, in order to conform to this trend, metal laser equipment manufacturers spend a lot of time and effort to study the annealing process, to ensure that the metal stability precision laser cutting machine cutting.

Annealed metal laser cutting machine in the mainstream of foreign equipment and technology is quite mature.

In domestic equipment, the Wuhan Energy is the only company with an annealing treatment manufacturers,wood carving cnc router machine  equipment after welding equipment exists steel bed deformation, residual stress, high temperature annealing, deformation and residual stress can be eliminated to protect the stability of the bed sex.

Metal laser cutting machine annealing treatment is necessary to do it: metal laser cutting machine tools are steel materials, work in the device, it will generate heat, it expands, deformation and annealing the steel is heated to a phase change or a portion of the crude becomes temperature, after slow cooling of heat insulation purposes, eliminate organizational deficiencies, improve the organization so that grain refinement of uniform structure and improve the mechanical properties of the steel, to reduce the residual stress, lower hardness, improved plastics and toughness, improve processing performance.

Therefore, the metal laser cutting machine annealing, which reduces the temperature of the machine, but also to protect the stability of the device, in order to extend the life of equipment made a significant role. So annealing process metal laser cutting machine is indispensable.

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