medium-sized laser engraving machine

Engraving machine application Daquan

A small laser engraving hobby laser engraver machine – advertising and gift production industry: all kinds of color plates for engraving signs, plexiglass, special Vatican Shimen cards, three-dimensional signs, decorative gift boxes piece color man statues, reliefs medals, embedded wall lamp housing , the light guide plate carved lamp housing, organic plate embossed three-dimensional door top.

2, the mold industry: carving buttons embossed molding, printing and hot stamping die, injection molding, blow molding, stamping dies, molds eyes.

3, laser marking machine – the tobacco industry: security signs for cigarette packaging, template word round production and cigarette production.

4 medium-sized laser engraving machine – printed circuit board (PCB) product development in the circuit production, drilling, milling and so on.

5, automatic feeding cutting machine – the automobile industry: tire mold decoration lights die and mold machining.

6 coinage industry: Banknote Printing watermarks mold and mold making coins.

7, the packaging industry: luggage bronzing, carton packaging plastic matrix production.

8, model-making industry: the production of sand table model, house model.

9, small laser engraving machine – the production destop laser engraver cutter machine of employee badges, all kinds of numbers, card trick show.

10, laser engraving machine – the seal industry: all kinds of seal engraving fonts of various materials

11, the shipbuilding industry: cabin layout and plate engraving plate.

12, the mechanical processing industry: the word round dial and engraved ruler.

13, wood industry: for the design and production of embossed patterns.

14, parts and camera aperture zoom scale processing.

15, tank compressor valve plate and other complex parts machining.

16, sump pump shaft seal stator child with processing.

17, EDM plate engraving.

18, the printing industry: for the bump plate.

19, watches table bulletin case mold manufacturing.

20, pastry mold making, etc., there are wins enumeration.

21, golf head word and line processing.

22, Yan head art engraving.
Laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine for industry and range widely. Specifically LAISAI laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine for which industry-wide on it?

Overall, non-metallic materials are basically all OK carving, cutting detail say, applies to the following many industries:

1, the advertising industry: large plastic characters cutting color plate engraving engraving cutting plexiglass plate engraving crystal trophy engraved licensing authority sculpture, acrylic PVC what etc.

2, leather clothing industry: …. Leather synthetic leather artificial leather cloth for complex text graphics on fur cutting engraving carved hollow so on. Processing technology, clothing, underwear, furniture, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car cut flower industry, Sculpture, engraving on glass can, beyond fashion, individuality.

3, handicraft industry: carved wooden bamboo pattern and text on ivory desktop mini laser engraving machine bones, shells and leather, marble and other materials.

4, the model industry: production of construction sand table model ships and aircraft .ABC cutting board cutting plywood and so on.

5, the packaging industry: Engraving printed rubber sheet plastic sheet layer board cutting die cutter board.

6, the product identification industry: equipment nameplate marking and other security products.

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