Mechanical machining CNC machine tools analysis

With the rapid development of the global machinery manufacturing industry, numerical control technology in the field of mechanical processing more widely, typically associated with a variety of CNC machining equipment, numerical control machine tools from speaking alone, it can be divided into drilling and milling machining centers and milling machining key center turning center grinding centers, they are characterized by one-time business investment NPC, the machine takes up a large space, the magazine capacity of more processing time is short, high positioning accuracy, durability, reliability, product updates quickly, Basic fully enclosed structure, safety or. Now many industrialized countries in the world have been widely used in the production of CNC machine tools, today a country of production and the degree of application of CNC machine tools, has become the measure of a country’s level of industrialization and technological level of an important symbol. In addition, there are some simple CNC machine tools, such as CNC drilling CNC lathe CNC milling CNC grinding machines and other home this category. Such numerical control machine tools, also known as economic NC machine tools, which are characterized by cheap economical and practical, low-cost one-time business inputs, high positioning accuracy, processing costs less. Situation before the domestic use of CNC machine tools CNC machine tools in the early years of our country has set off a boom in the development of CNC machine tools, but at the time of the control system is mainly used discrete electronic components, unstable, unreliable and can not be stably and reliably used in production . In the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology, based on the Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute has developed economical CNC system and full function numerical control systems, aerospace unit developed CNC system. At present, China has been able to supply the eve of mass production type numerical control systems, can basically meet the production needs of the country Machine Tool Plant, has made people step of CNC production start of a new stage of development, reached the international advanced level in the early eighties. The use of CNC machine tools to meet the needs outlined the development of new technologies to keep up with the pulse of market development, I also have been introduced from abroad a number of CNC machine tools, foreign production of large CNC machining centers, quality is better than homemade, and domestic small economical CNC, its quality than much less abroad, the price is much better than the foreign machine.

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