Many people who used the wood cnc router machine engraving machine not think so clean sweep

Conservation of wood cnc router machine and special precautions.Many people who used the wood cnc router machine engraving machine not think so clean sweep, it can be said that basically do not control, when using the appropriate clean up the table on the line, why? Because they believe that engraving machine work process itself is a great dust, something to say and he is in the dust applications, if every day to clean up, that the more trouble, so a lot of people not only do not clean up, but let the machine filled with stuff, this approach is wrong.

First, the computer aspects

Regularly killing the virus, but be careful not to open the antivirus degree work, careful interference.
Periodically clean dirt chassis, chassis cooling attention, careful IPC card error caused by too much dust.
Regular defragging, optimize PC system.

Abnormalities can also cause a lot of computer problems, especially for computer connections engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine maintenance process we found that computer repair abnormalities caused us a lot of unnecessary trouble, but also delay the customer’s business, and we summarize technical department for a moment, made note of the customer computer maintenance aspects.

Second, clean up

Regular cleaning of the biggest killers of industrial containers, wood CNC router machine when the dust of the board.
Wood CNC router machine

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Regular cleaning of the screw, to prevent sticking a foreign body, it is important to screw the screw in the device, he determines the accuracy of the machine, and screw in the transmission process also plays an important role.

Work should be done to clean up the table, which is next to the wood cnc router machine work more convenient.
Cleanup materials and debris guide rail next to prevent debris from causing the machine card machine interference in the work process.

Third, oil

After adding the oil slowly back and forth to ensure that the lubricant can be uniformly applied to the rail and screw.

If the long-term without the machine, you should regularly go empty fuel to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.

First clean the rails and screw, usable cloth (lint) to oil and material debris on the rail and clean out the screw. Due to low temperatures, can screw all the rails and add oil, plus the best antifreeze CNC router machine oil.

Twice a month refueling cycle, that is, once every two weeks plus oil.

Fourth, the temperature

When the machine do not, if the best low temperature pour the water tank, water tank and pipes to prevent the cracking.

Ensure the operating room ambient temperature, wood cnc router machine is best to reach room temperature, at least the staff will not be cold.

Check the temperature of the fuel standards apply to at least the minimum temperature.

Temperature impact engraving machine is not great, but because the user to screw with butter, winter also forgot to clean up, leading to run each boot is not open, and some studio temperature is very low, although the addition of oil, can still frozen on, the machine will not run.

Fifth, the cooling water

Can afford to use wood carving cnc router machine antifreeze cooling.

Note that the ambient temperature, careful because the water temperature is too cold and cause the water tank and pipe cracking.

A necessary condition for the cooling water work for the spindle motor, if the cooling water is too dirty motor will cause serious damage, ensure the normal operation of the cooling water clean and pumps.
Note that the water level, water-cooled spindle motor can not appear water shortages, the motor heat can not be exported.

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