Many laser engraving machine in use

Laser engraving machine to buy a skill.Many laser engraving machine in use, there will be a series of failures, such as laser engraving machine laser head no light, no light laser head today for everyone under analysis. The following detailed description see me.

The most important part is the laser engraving machine laser engraving machine laser head, if the laser head is bad, then it is doomed laser engraving machine will not be easy. The laser engraving machine maintenance and repair, the laser head maintenance is most important. Everyone in the use of laser engraving machine, encounter a variety of problems, which we explain to you for analysis.

1. Press the operation of laser engraving machine panel ammeter test button to check whether the current view co2 laser engraving machine of instructions: If you do not there is no current need to check the laser power is turned on, the high-voltage lines are loose or fall off, the signal cable is loose; if there is current, check the laser lens if broken, the laser tube and the aperture lens is contaminated, the optical path is serious deviation and so on.

2. Check the laser engraving machine water circulation system is normal? If the barrier of water, check for damage or whether the pump is energized; if through water, check the inlet, outlet is reversed or water pipe is broken.

3. can burst out of the light, does not light when the computer controlled engraving, laser engraving machine control panel to check the power of the light even connection.

Co2 laser engraving machine

CO2 laser engraving machine is best-selling model for non-metal materials engraving and cutting,such as acrylic,cloth,leather,woolens,bamboo,paper,rubber,double colored board,plastics,ring oxygen,glass, etc.

All of our laser machine adopt advanced DSP control system which continue and optimize the cutting speed,processing path, improve the working efficiency,the clearance compensation ensure the processing quality.MORN laser machine offer you best service and highest quality.

4. laser engraving machine power board is damaged, manufacturers need repair.

Note engraving machine for safe operation

Here, I will explain the engraving machine when using baseband precautions.

1: Be sure to turn on the fan carving, to avoid contamination of the lens and focusing mirror.

2: After each Laser engraver for sale turn you must check whether the water submersible pumps, as no water is prohibited work boot.

3: moderate assurance circulating water temperature, water quality dry static free of debris (recommended to use pure water). Periodic replacement of the circulating water (7 days).

4: with special camera lens tissue or medical cotton swab dipped in alcohol and ether mixture to wipe the mirror and focusing mirror. (Ether and alcohol mixing ratio 1: 1)

5: Do not ground the machine work boot, laser cutting machine all parts of the ground must be completely reliable, to prevent electrostatic wounding.

6: Do not place the device near the laser flammable, explosive materials,metal laser cutting machine machine work, must cover the top of the machine to prevent the laser deviation cover fire or injury.

7: In the machine during operation, the operator is prohibited without permission to leave, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

8: Do not disassemble the machine non-professionals, in order to avoid accidents.

9: Do not place any equipment irrelevant reflective objects to prevent laser direct reflection on the human body or flammable substances, dangerous.

10: Machine the environment pollution, no strong electric, magnetic and other interference and influence.
11: untrained personnel to prohibit the use of laser engraving machine.

12: In co2 laser cutting machine the machine work, the operator has to always observe the operation of the machine (such as: whether the shop Crochet paper blowing high pump laser blocked, abnormal sound machine, circulating water temperature, etc.).

13: Do not turn on when the voltage is unstable, or you must use the regulator.

14: machine hours continuous working time is not more than 5 hours (half-way need to rest more than half an hour).

15: Do ammeter maximum state boot, in order to avoid the breakdown of laser power.

16: The basic limit the use of the laser power (ie ammeter can not exceed 20mA)

17: If a machine malfunction or fire turn off the power immediately. The above article, you must be strictly adhered to, to avoid personal injury or damage to the machine.

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