maintenance engraving machine to include the following aspects

Advertising engraving machine Maintenance.Mechanical products and is also a life like everyone else, in order engraving machine the parts remain in good condition, adhere to regular maintenance is very important. This can put a lot of hidden faults nipped in the bud to prevent fatal accidents. The operator often using wood CNC router machine the device should cultivate good habits maintenance, general maintenance engraving machine to include the following aspects:

1. The day before the boot check; such as: communication lines, motor lines, opto cable is loose, the voltage is stable; then turn the machine off and operate the machine moves back and forth twice, starting the job.

2. The day after the job is completed, first chisel down, let the spindle chuck, lock nut in a relaxed state. This spindle chuck to prolong the life of help. Then we started to clean work surface, brush cleaning available ; Note countertops usually best not to make the accumulation of debris, so as not to deform the platform.

Following are advantages of our wood carving cnc router machine:

1. Strong welding steel machine body, can load heavy duty materials, ensure the safe working environment

2. Adopted imported linear square guide rail and imported ball screw, operate steadily, higher accuracy and longer lifetime.

3. With imported high precision stepper motors; Japan Yaskawa servo motor is optional, it with higher speed and higher precision.

4. Vacuuming and adsorption system, maintaining the machine well by keeping clean work plate; fixing materials by vacuum adsorption is more convenient and efficient.

5. Optional control system: DSP or NC STUDIO. DSP support offline works, easier for operation.

6. High compatibility with CAD/CAM software, such as Type3/Artcut / Ucancam V9 etc.

7. With break point or break knife continue work function.

8. Automatic lubrication system

3. The water-cooled spindle carving machine should ensure the normal operation of the cooling water clean and pumps, water-cooled spindle motor can not appear water shortages, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high, the circulating water as much as possible, you can change capacity tank.

4. clean the dust debris exposed rails and wash again with the 2nd oil, butter or the 2nd lithium grease after cleaning.

5. engraving machine when not in long-term maintenance of: engraving machine unused for a long time, should be energized 1-2 times a week, especially in the rainy season, humidity larger and even more so, let engraving machine dry run for about an hour use of electrical components own heat to dissipate moisture numerical control system to ensure stable and reliable electronic device performance.

6. The head moves to the left or right position parked to prevent the collision, and then wood carving cnc router machine cut off the power; avoid not charged pull the plug.

7. Clean the sensor to prevent dust powder oil stick on the sensor, or produce inadvertently affect its sensitivity.

8. inverter maintenance: drive at the factory debugging, debugging without permission is prohibited rerouted to prevent data entry errors caused by damage to the motor or inverter.

9. Regular cleaning circuit box cooling ventilation system, periodically check the electrical control box on each fan work is normal, regular use of a vacuum cleaner to clean dust from electronic control box, check the wiring terminal screws are loose, in order to ensure that the circuit is safe, reliable use regularly check the machine the parts screw is loose.

10. The electronic control box should be minimal open door, open the door to prohibit work, carving the air in general, there will be dust, sawdust or metal powders, once they landed on the electrical control box of circuit boards or electronic devices, prone yuan insulation resistance between devices fall, and even cause damage to the components and circuit boards.

11. The vacuum pump maintenance: water circulation pump, metal mesh inside the intake port is used to prevent foreign dust particles into the pump, the filter should be kept clean to prevent clogging caused by pumping speed drop when the pump should not every A few days energized running a few minutes, to prevent the pump long rust can not function properly. through superior vacuum pump should also loosen the wing nut, remove the paper filter regularly clean the filter with a high-pressure gas, found CNC router machine vent filter ring true or damaged, should be replaced , according to the length of time available for high-pressure oil gun to ministries bearing Dayou.

12. Use strictly in accordance with the instructions and follow the safe use of norms.

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