Leather laser engraving machine

Leather laser engraving machine engraving can not how to do?

Laser engraving machine can engrave a variety of materials, is very powerful. But if the case of failure, no laser engraving can not, then how to check out?

Our leather-based materials, indicating the presence of the problem is which.

First, see if there is a laser engraving machine laser to break out, the use of [burst] function to try, if bright burst out, you need to check and adjust the optical path has deviated.

[Matt] Under the circumstances it is part of the laser power of high-voltage lines shorting phenomenon occurs, adjust the power to 100, [burst] ammeter see whether the next move, have reached much value. More than half of normal. Low laser power supply is insufficient, the line in question, such as loose.
CO2 laser cutting machine has USB port transfer files and support offlne work. CO2 laser cuttting device adopt the newest laser work software and imported focus len, all of these makes cutting with high accuracy. And optional up and down worktable, it is convenient for thick materials. Add a rotary spindle, CO2 laser cutter can work on cylinder materials.

Furthermore, if the light but the effect is not very good, the first check is not laser tube using a long, old laser tube needs to be replaced.

Line contact section to check [Control Panel], and again took over.
How widespread the use of laser engraving machine, you co2 laser engraving machine know?
First, let’s look at the laser engraving machine with features: fast scan images, graphic and beautiful smooth, cutting edge smoothness, three-dimensional sculpture, engraving.

It can be applied in many fields is not surprising.
For example, in the fabric, inside the crystal, acrylic, color plates, coated paper, leather and other materials, for text, graphics, carved figures painted surface. The whole process can be seen superb mechanical engraving techniques, while also reduce a lot of time, manpower output.

Hobby desktop laser engraver cutter machine is very popular in the market, for it is mini laser machine yet with multi functions, this laser engraver machine with up and down work table, it could also be added with rotary clamp, then could use it for glass cups and wine cups engraving.

This co2 laser engraving machine is widely used in wooden decoration, leather, acrylic, beer bottles and so on. You will like it, for it is a low cost laser machine.

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Laser engraving machine commonly related industry
Model Making (sandbox making, model houses, wooden toys, models)

Printing industry (production bump board)
Advertising co2 laser cutting machine gift industry (for all types of color plates engraved signs, plexiglass, special Vatican Shimen cards, three-dimensional signs, decorative gifts, light boxes color people statues, reliefs medals, in-wall lamp housing, light guide  plate engraving house, organic stereo door panels embossed top)

Jewelry processing industry (the complex process of carved)
Trademarks (various badges, numbers, signs of production)
Wood carving industry (character art images of sculpture, relief pattern production)

Shoes (full of personality vamp Carve Technology)…

Not enumerate, versatile degree Thus, laser engraving machine, can play a good processing applications Laser engraver for sale in different industries, indeed indispensable tool for processing. Laser engraving machine also uses long laser processing head, it can be a good upgrade processing speed, there are more surprises expectations.

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