Laser tube

Laser engraving machine: Failure Analysis

Laser tube installation fulcrum should be reasonable, the fulcrum should be a desktop mini laser engraving machine quarter of the total length of the laser tube, or cause deterioration in spot mode laser tube, some work for some time spot into several points, resulting in decreased laser power can not meet the requirements, resulting in constant In other tubes, recognition

Really read the “Note the use of the laser tube.”

Cooling system to the ground, regular cleaning water tanks and water, cooling water tank thermostat temperature control point should be reasonable, otherwise the  laser tube is easily damaged and cause condensation power down, cold head tube off, life is shortened, and sometimes does not work, resulting in constantly changing tube.

Water protection should be inspected regularly cleaning, cooling water often can not rushing water protection float switch or water protection float switch is not reset, you can not use short way to solve immediate problems. Cooling hobby laser engraver water quality is better, too serious faucets aluminum oxide, used for some time

Pumps and pipes should be cleaned regularly, water protection in the dirt, or cause the laser tube burst or cold head off.

Focusing mirror and mirror checks, working for a frame on the heat, discoloration of the lens surface rust; Tuomo cracking belong to the object to be replaced, especially a lot of customers with a large air pump and air compressor, so that the focusing lens on soon the water, it must be

Time to check the lens (laser tube light mouth) cleanliness and quality of the optical system is good or bad.

The machine can not be too harsh working environment, if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees, 18 degrees lower than the next, too much dust, air pollution is serious, so serious damage to the machine, the failure rate is rising; humid environment is very easy to go wrong all electrical accessories . So

This remind customers to improve the working environment and regular maintenance of the machine.

Laser engraving machine laser weakened how do

Capacity issues laser engraving machine is a destop laser engraver cutter machine equipment for the energy source, it’s also the stability of the laser is able to directly affect the processing of the device can not be used, entirely relying on the laser tube also can output normal strength laser. The reason so will lead to a variety of laser weakened, some caused by external factors, while others are laser tube itself is the problem, which requires us to more quickly and accurately determine the cause, easy to solve as soon as possible, in order to resume production .

Cooling water quality or temperature is normal: Replace it clean cooling water temperature to normal.

Reflective lens is contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace reflective lenses.
Laser power supply is damaged: replace the laser power.
Whether focusing focal length changes: re-adjust the focus.
Whether the laser tube is damaged or aging: Replace the laser tube.
Laser power is power: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.

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