Laser technology application and popularization of the road

Laser applications in modern life is gradually spread, laser engraving machine,  laser printing, laser lights, laser decoration …… But four years ago, the former Microsoft chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold in Long Beach, California TED conference mosquito laser devices were demonstrated, so the concept of hot, it also allows the author of this multi-year investment in mosquito war “victims” see hope. But today, it has not reached universal application, that good mosquito laser guns, are now gone?

The passage of time, and now laser mosquito disappeared. According to the author’s interviews with industry professionals, which was abandoned because of the following two points:

First, the mosquito laser power and associated parameters define difficult for the human eye laser affordability is very low, difficult to automate laser device civilian approved. Mosquito in both the visible red laser does not necessarily eye-safe wavelength, and can reach 30 meters effective destruction, almost inevitably, at least watt power level, there can be a huge lens to the focal spot micron level. The human eye can withstand the laser power density per square millimeter is about 58mw, which is already the limit, let alone the “weapons” should focus.

Two, machining accuracy is limited, costly. The moment, the international development of laser technology advances, but many civilian equipment universal restrictions on technology conditions. To achieve this an intelligent targeted spending and research investment is too large.

Every new technology is not perfect at first, whether the continuous improvement in the development process, and gradually spread by the reality of the environment and the impact of technological development.

Cool concept of laser applications, the development of universal multi bumpy road
Based on the above two points, laser applications, laser-like mosquito concept is difficult to popularize the concept of countless. For example, I saw some time ago in the online Pizza laser cut knife, another example of laser light …… maybe next bike does not do so, but the moment these applications are a small number of enthusiasts niche applications, the popularity slightly difficult. Imagine, pizza hundred dollars a piece, but rather a dedicated laser cutter Pizza cutter have to spend nearly 200 yuan (which is responsible for targeting and laser technology emits red), in addition to having a deep sense of technology looks and comes with obsessive-compulsive disorder no straight cutting line outside the patient’s other available place. The bike is dazzling laser light at first glance, in the chaos of the lane (especially the night), the exclusive one person infrared laser lane exceptionally brisk, but if popular, may make it a messy driveway laser, laser technology no room to maneuver.

Well, I can not help but ask ourselves, to achieve creative popularization Is it no laser useless? No, let me see the current laser cutting technology and 3D technology, laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine in the clothing, business cards, greeting cards, etc. endless creativity here ……

In modern years, the rapid economic development of the domestic market. Technology is constantly reform and innovation in the machinery manufacturing industry has a major breakthrough. Metal laser cutting machine manufacturing industry has undergone enormous changes.

With the development results in immature aspects of foreign domestic technology, and then applied to the hair metal laser cutting machine to go to study laser cutting machine new technologies and processes, after ten years of development, now the country has reached a laser cutting machine a certain level, and many of the top devices can measure phase with international advanced equipment, which also marked the domestic laser cutting machine development has entered a new era.

Metal laser cutting machine in the future development, also need a firm foothold, good technical research and development, to control their own core technology, to create a more stable performance equipment to meet the needs of various industries, accelerate the promotion and publicity. So as to allow more businesses to accept new equipment, to make metal laser cutting machine to go farther.

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