Laser rubber stamp making machine

Factors buy laser engraving machine should be considered

Desktop mini laser engraving machine rubber stamp making machine MT3050Cas the cheaper price ,higher cost-performance ,that has become the most popular small laser engraving machine ! mini laser engraving machine price for model MT3050C is economic and acceptable for all of DIY client.

This laser machine is suitable for small business, art ware, souvenir, wedding card, small advertising works etc, it is suitable for new business and home business.

Laser rubber stamp making machine mainly used for stamp engraving. and adopt Newlydraw softtware, more human nature and more professional.Stamp laser size is small,low cost, more economical, very easy to learn and operate.
Stamp laser maker suitable for both handle stamps engraving and rubber sheet stamp engraving. multi-functional.
Currently the market is product quality laser engraving machine is uneven, and that how to choose the right products in many of the products? Here there is a laser engraving machine manufacturers to tell you laser rubber stamp making machine about the purchase of factors laser engraving machine should consider.

1) to be engraved on what material in accordance with different laser engraving machine can be broadly divided into YAG laser and the CO2 produced by two, the former is mainly for application of metal products, non-metallic latter were mainly the laser on the market today equipment after majority.

2) to be processed product content using laser equipment in different ways can be roughly divided into engraving, cutting and marking three kinds, basically some are dedicated machines, some are a variety of functions, should be in accordance with the laser equipment mainly needs to choose.

3) to be stamp laser making machine processed product size is the choice of laser engraving machine format size, but pay attention to large format machine is not necessarily good, because of course more expensive large-format equipment, and some poor quality equipment in large format laser output on each point average degree of instability, resulting in the same table carving product shades, so choose the most appropriate format is correct.

4) laser tube power according to different materials and content carved should select the appropriate number of laser tube watts before a multiplier effect.

5) speed in a very short time production faster more products in order to create higher profits, so the pace is often the key to whether the money orders and could receive.

6) precision laser engraving and traditional hand-carved sculpture equipment and the biggest difference is the high precision, so the choice of laser engraving machine carving precision, taking into account machine.

7) after-sales maintenance services of machinery and equipment sales service is very important, so the manufacturers have to consider when selecting a service condition.

Safe use of laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine is a set of more advanced technology in one engraving equipment, laser processing with the advantage that it has won the praise of many customers first as laser engraving machine manufacturers, in order to allow our users to make better use of our products, small below prepared to tell you about the safe use of laser engraving machine.

1, laser engraving machine enclosure should be in contact with the ground.

2, prohibit non-professional high voltage power supply Do not break the shell. Need ventilation.

3, when the laser tube work required circulating water so overheated laser tube temperature decreases. Therefore, before the machine is rubber stamp laser engraving machine working, be sure to add some water to the cooling water pump in when the power is turned on, the pump began to work the machine starts running. Cycle the water should be pure. checking pipes for leaks, water is adequate and the water temperature can not exceed 35 , we recommend regular water changes and cleaning the cooling equipment. cooling equipment for a long time do not use, or long-distance transport needs water excluded.

4, laser engraving machine before opening the first open water system, water system and ensure the normal use of winter in the laser tube can not have ice water, so the power take off after the water discharge laser tube to prevent freezing.

5, in the winter when the temperature is very low should be noted that after the power take off of the laser tube to prevent water from freezing.

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