Laser marking machine frequency tuning is going on here?

Laser marking machine frequency tuning is going on here? Will appear when you use in the operation of the laser marking equipment above this kind of phenomenon, here let me have a detailed explanation.
Semiconductor laser play couldn’t mark the frequency, the frequency of the semiconductor laser, also known as the pulse tuning Q, in the light the way along with the Q switch crystal, generated by the Q switch is used to suck up the frequency of each cycle out of the part of light energy, which is the part of duty ratio of the hollow energy, put in all of that in a short period of time, so that the energy of laser played an order of magnitude increases. Through the above description, we will more understand the frequency effect, can more clear know the cause of semiconductor laser marking machine cannot adjust has the following kinds:
1, marking the setting is on a business trip in the software, such as laser type option is selected the CO2 laser, rather than the semiconductor or YAG.
2, marking the frequency of the signal is not output, marking in the frequency of the card is a fault in the chip.
3, the pattern of Q switch driver made a mistake, such as pull to the CW mode.
4, choice of Q switch driver is internal or external control points clearly.
5, Q switch driver output rf signal is not strong.
6, the Q switch itself has a problem, lock light ability is not strong.

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