Laser Engraving

Laser Cu is a little box full of energy, it carved out a unique mark on various objects. I like to call it – fantasy cube. It is called fantasy cube hobby laser engraver because it 6cm x 6cm x 18cm little volume can release powerful laser.

Laser Cu is a little box full of energy, it carved out a unique mark on various objects. I like to call it – fantasy cube.

It is called fantasy cube because it 6cm x 6cm x 18cm little volume can release powerful laser. The desired image into which the center of the laser gun to work, according to the picture track carved out a few minutes on a variety of patterns. Intensity of the laser can be adjusted to accommodate wood, metal, paper, leather and other different materials carving. Tattoo? Ah, maybe it is possible, try to know to buy a home, I’m not responsible for the familiar.

Laser Engraving
Small has favorable disadvantages. Benefit is portable for home, carving some memorable gadgets more than enough, the cost decreases; after all, this product is designed for families, the price will inevitably become too tasteless. But! 6cm x 6cm x 18cm in size lead to its working area only 4.2 x 4.2, means the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 ! Apple’s designers are deep pit for a while.

Fantasy cube should be understood as a tool in the hands of different users have different usage, various DIY ideas can be realized by means of it. Here are some common usage, more novel ideas require the user to explore: cutting foam board, making mosaic of small toys, children every day new toy! Making a unique phone shell! Georgia forced burst table, the sister of the weapon.

So Guards fantasy Cube unique device in the home, but the product’s viability depends largely on the price. In the case of affordable, starting һö simply Sao fly with loaded to force you to take you to fly. Developers have not yet announced the price, but said the founder of Design Laser Cube’s original intention was for the family, the price of natural PFP.

Here also say that fantasy Cube comes with mapping software, a simple but extremely powerful tool. It can be painted mouse, can cartography; gallery there are hundreds of templates for you to choose. The most amazing is that it can automatically recognize the photo, and then convert the photo engraving map. Of course, destop laser engraver cutter machine this feature is still unable to resolve a very complex picture, but in the future will inevitably controlled by the laser intensity pattern carved out lifelike.

Founder also said that, in time fantasy Cube 3D effect can be carved out. Raised so many features, but security is always the problem can not be ignored. Laser danger, away from the bear children, this is not to say all know how serious the consequences; high-intensity laser will cause serious damage to the eye, at work, please wear goggles; may emit toxic gases in the process of carving, please ventilated environments; do not put any part of the body is exposed to laser light, and then hungry nor, really!

Crystal hand and foot prints laser engraving machine

Now more and more people are concerned about their children’s growth, each stage of child development have left memories. Newborn baby hand and foot prints are also increasingly popular. Some people learn this technology specifically to buy laser engraving machines and other equipment for carving. Eventually form beautiful crystal hand and foot prints souvenirs.

For hand and foot prints laser engraving, laser engraving machine choose when’d like to remind everyone that the market laser engraving machine range of different types. Hand and foot prints require high precision laser engraving machine. Carved hand and foot prints good one look at technology but also the accuracy of the device. Some people look at several thousand dollars of equipment. In fact,desktop mini laser engraving machine  you will find carefully compare the accuracy of that equipment is relatively poor, simple words or lines can also be carved, intricate patterns was not done according to. So I hope you in the purchase of laser engraving machine requires careful not to buy because of the price and buy a laser engraving machine inappropriate.

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