Laser engraving technology

Laser engraving technology laser engraving technique: the surface of the object is mainly carried out, into a bitmap metal laser cutting machine and vector engraving Engraving two:

Bitmap carving techniques: we first need PHOTOSHOP in our sculpture hanging graphics processing and converted to monochrome BMP format, then a dedicated laser cutting software to open the graphics file.

According to the material that we processed the appropriate parameter settings we can, and then click Run, laser engraving machine engraving will be based on the lattice effect generated graphics files.

Vector carving: Using vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Iluustrator such as layout design, and graphics export to PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, then use special Laser engraver for sale laser cutting and engraving software to open the graphics file, sent to the laser engraving machine in processing.

In the advertising industry is mainly applied to wood, color plates, plexiglass, colored paper materials processing.
Supplies increased amount of laser engraving machine reason.

Laser engraving machine in life has become an indispensable device, and maybe we are not common, but we do like it very product, which is fine jewelry. But the opportunity arises laser engraving supplies large phenomenon, in general, under laser engraving machine appeared situation increasing the amount of supplies, there are five main reasons, here we have a look.

CO2 laser engraver is very popular in all the world. It could be used in the factory, shops.

CO2 laser machine can be used in a lot of materials, such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wooden board, plastic, resin, rubber, bamboo product, double color board, marble, paper and other non-metal materials.

1, in the use of laser engraving machine in the process, do not use the corresponding supporting software caused.

2, prolonged fatigue using laser engraving machine, did not do wear appropriate maintenance, parts between the larger, so do not use laser engraving machine for a long time, should otherwise, will shorten the life of the laser engraving machine.

3, prolonged use of laser engraving machine, can not achieve the effect of automatic engraving, thus increasing the amount of supplies.

4, in the use of laser engraving machine in the process, because the product co2 laser cutting machine of poor quality, and its numerical control system in the case of instability,  which led to increasing the amount of supplies in here suggest that you purchase at regular laser engraving machine, so the quality was will be more secure.

5, did not use those high-end models to operate sculpture, carved out of the product due to poor quality.

How can I clean the lens laser engraving machine
Improve the efficiency of engraving laser engraving function, so that was carved at the surface is smooth, rounded and quickly reduce the temperature of non-metallic materials are carved, carved objects reduce deformation and stress, co2 laser engraving machine laser engraving machine can be widely used for various types of non-metallic materials in the field of fine carving.

CO2 laser engraver can also be worked in a lot of materials, such as advertising constrction, building decoration, furniture, toys, vessel mould, textile, packaging and paper, leather industry etc.

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There are three mirrors and a focusing mirror (1 mirror located at the exit of the laser tube emitting laser engraving machine, which is the upper-left corner of the machine, the 2nd mirror in the beam of the left, on the 3rd mirror of the laser head is fixed the top portion of the lower part of the head of the laser focus lens barrel can be adjusted), the lens through which the laser is reflected back focus emitted from the laser head.

Lenses easily stained with dust or other contaminants, resulting in loss of the laser or lens damage, when the 1st and the 2nd lens cleaning Needless to remove, just moistened with cleaning fluid lens cleaning paper carefully along the lens center to the edge of the rotary wipe the lens and focusing mirror .3 number needs to be removed from the frame, and the same way, after wiping Replace finished as can be.

Note: a laser engraving machine and gently wipe the lens should not damage the surface coating; 2 wiping process should be handled with care to prevent falls; 3 installation focusing mirror laser engraving machine, please be sure to keep concave downward.

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