Laser engraving technology application status in the carton packaging

Carton packaging industry in coastal areas, especially in the pearl river delta region is a mature industry, most closely with the international most advanced production technology, carton packaging industry above designated size production, beginning in the early eighty in the pearl river delta region, 10 to 20 years later than the mainland. The pearl river delta region carton packaging industry is mature in the mid ninety’s, after fifteen years high speed development mainly has invested, Taiwanese businessmen, local entrepreneurs bold corrugated board production line and carton production line introduced from abroad, through the introduction of absorbing until fully mastering foreign advanced production technology. Can say the pearl river delta corrugated carton production to our country the whole carton production and processing technology, made great contributions. Yangtze delta region started early, really developed later in the pearl river delta, because of using the experience of the successful development of the pearl river delta, walk a lot less detours. At present, the pearl river delta and Yangtze river delta corrugated carton packaging industry output accounted for over 60% of the national carton packaging, leading production technology.

Laser engraving machine is a high and new technology products in the world today, optical, mechanical and electrical integration product technology content is very high

In mid and late ninety’s, with the success of laser engraving technology research and development, the corrugated carton packaging printing blocks, application of laser engraving technology gradually. Actually corrugated carton packaging is divided into second class, one kind is sales packaging, another kind is the transport packaging. Sales packaging generally belongs to the inner packing, in the process of selling to meet with the consumers, such as toothpaste, soap, cigarettes (a pack and a packing). Transport packaging generally belongs to the outer packing, such as: the whole case packing for toothpaste, soap, cigarettes, basically to meet at the sales in the process of elimination not fee, its main effect is convenient storage and transportation. Besides air conditioning, color TV, refrigerator, rice cooker between the two is a transport packing and sales packing, the printing requirements at around 60 lines, transport packaging usually around 40 line, sales packaging in more than 80 lines for color offset printing. According to concerning sectional statistic, more than 90% in China belong to the transport packaging cartons, the vast majority of the carton printing equipment production.

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