Laser engraving mechanical and electrical source application of common sense

Laser engraving mechanical and electrical source in the hard to avoid can appear when using small problems, even in maintenance work done, but small common sense also to master, work below small make up for the big family share with laser engraving mechanical and electrical source and the application of common sense:
First of all, in the midst of laser engraving machine, laser power supply of cooling must be clear, or in a normal working current reached above 50%, the temperature is very high, rising very fast and easy to put the laser power to burn out, so in this line of work environment, be sure to put the power supply as direct heat out.
Secondly, for laser engraving machine, laser tube is very big, the importance of talk about the reasonable use method of laser tube, a lot of businesses will have a misunderstanding, I bought a laser equipment is, I must work hard, it peaked. Laser equipment are like people, but also can’t long-term let it work under overload condition, this will lead to laser tube early aging rupture, so under the working condition of laser machine, general play some two-thirds of its performance is the best, other special material will be according to the requirements of the application of adjustment, appropriate in the working state of the application of the laser can be useful to the service life of laser tube.

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