Laser engraving machine working principle is high melting temperature materials

Matters laser engraving machine maintenance lens reflex to note.Laser engraving machine working principle is high melting temperature materials. Work is emitted laser beam tube, to the point by focusing lens reflex, and then beam forming temperature. Often say, the laser tube is the consumption of materials, and the reflection of the lens is not co2 laser cutting machine easy bad. However, if not handled properly, it will happen broken lens.

If there is dirt or reflective lens mirror excessive dust, because at high temperatures, heat unevenly, so reflective lens broken.

Laser engraving machine lens reflex was originally produced by high-temperature material, but this is inevitable expansion and contraction, the lens itself to withstand this temperature limit is limited, local temperature will make the lens rupture, even broken. Therefore, laser engraving machine working environment should be careful not dusty or greasy in the air, which would allow even laser lens reflex tube will be contaminated and cause damage.

In addition, every time, we must carefully removed the reflective lens, scrub clean. Clean lens reflex time, to ensure clean, does not leave any traces; put something before, make sure the lenses are clean and dry. In general, the process would have a spot of dust, so they need to be cleaned.

The last is, dismantled and put something, this is the need to be carefully examined carefully to avoid bias, resulting in reduced machining accuracy.

Prior to have a client that is not a good deal for the metal laser cutting machine reflective lens, the beginning of the timing wrong lens cleaned, then reflective lens broken.

Then replace it with a new lens, though said to have been cleaned up in accordance with the steps, but did not get confirmation thoroughly clean, with  a bit of dirt on the accord, the use of less than a few minutes they burst.

Later demonstrate some specialized technical personnel door to the customer to see, co2 laser engraving machine and then let customers in strict accordance with the operation in such a manner. Then the customer’s laser engraving machine lens reflex never broken too, and has been used for over a year, no problems emerged.

Production of fine arts and crafts laser engraving machine choice
In our daily life, often making special to see many beautiful crafts and souvenirs to give friends and family. Of course, we also found that there are good and bad points crafts, some made especially fine, but some are more rough less beautiful. This inevitably makes them worth the large diameter Aiba.

Heart of beauty in everyone, the natural production of fine arts and crafts and more loved by others, with the broader market. And want to make out of this fine crafts, we recommend choosing imported laser engraving machine to machine, carving cutting work. Because imported laser engraving machine because of its superior technology and high quality, especially for processing fine crafts.

Laser engraving machine production Acrylic Display

Laser engraving machine is especially suitable for cutting acrylic, such as the production of signs, display Laser engraver for sale and other presentation products, cutting and so on. Laser cutting can be provided such as flame-like effect and after polishing does not require treatment.

Successful acrylic cutting effect is good or bad depends on a number of factors, including the characteristics of the power of the material itself, the use of CO2 lasers and laser cutting equipment models.

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