Laser engraving machine winter maintenance Recommended Practices

Laser engraving machine maintenance and repair measures winter frost laser tube.Laser engraving machine winter maintenance Recommended Practices

Carbon dioxide laser engraving machine laser tube is cooled by the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius is generally the best, the strongest energy. Winter cold weather, in order to prevent the laser tube is the cracking, metal laser cutting machine the user should do the engraving machine freezing measures. For maintenance of the laser tube laser engraving machine, laser expert put forward three proposals:

(1) Note that the indoor temperature, not below 0 degrees, with particular attention to the temperature at night, keep the indoor temperature is not below freezing threshold.

(2) If the indoor temperature can not be controlled, you can work in a day after the completion of the water circulating inside the laser tube is blown to prevent freezing. Note also that before the next work to ensure flak circulating water.

(3) keep circulating water clean. Recycled water use laser tube pure pure water or mineral water, but due to various aspects, many customers choose to do the water circulating water, the experts said that if the use of tap water, you need to change the water frequently to ensure clean water.

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Winter frost laser engraving machine specific measures:

1, after using a laser machine, disconnect the main power, turn off the water pump or chiller, laser tube inlet and outlet of the silicone tube disconnected. The laser tube inside the mouth blown clean water. 60w laser tube can also be used over a small gas pump or air compressor to blow the water clean. 40w laser tube proposal mouth blown clean.

2, with the water pump to remind customers, co2 laser engraving machine the machine has a water circulation inside the thick black pipe, that is water protection. Also make sure the inside of the water, put a clean, otherwise the cracking of water protection.

3, if you still do not worry, you can laser tube removed, pour clean water. In this case, the position of the laser tube may have little variations. To re-install it again when dimming.

4, below the outfall chiller, a rotating head. After unscrewing the water can be released easily. After draining the water chiller can be placed where the temperature is relatively Laser engraver for sale high. Next time use pure water use can be reapplied.

5, some customers find it troublesome, you can add antifreeze inside the laser light. Do all pure antifreeze. If you have not used antifreeze, contact your dealer. Depending on your local temperature changes, the proportion of antifreeze and water is not the same. Can be based on the actual situation.

6, using marking machine or power 500w customers can not add antifreeze, because the inside of the light-emitting device different principle. So you only look at the co2 laser cutting machine trouble. Marking out the organs, chiller off, find a pipe diameter of 8 mm. The inlet and outlet pipe pulled out, just a mouth can be, mouth blown clean. If the blow is not clean, inside the module will be split up. You can not use.

7, using the client 500w laser engraving machine, to ensure room temperature. Taking into account the large refrigeration equipment, can not be completely put inside the water is completely clean, and the best guarantee of constant temperature. If you can not really satisfied, the module can have demolished. The next re-dimming.

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