laser engraving machine power to use three-core power

Laser engraving machine environment requirements?Even the purchase of a laser engraving machine, it is not possible to ensure that everything will be fine. Well, after commissioning of machinery and equipment for its production environment still has certain requirements.

Only in this way can make laser engraving machine properly, work long hours for us. Laser engraver for sale What are the requirements for a work environment that has too few points are summarized as follows:

First: To stay away from strong electric, magnetic and other severely affected transmission equipment laser engraving machine signals.

Second: Use two-wire power environment should not use laser engraving machine, laser engraving machine power to use three-core power.

Third: under voltage is not stable, there are large fluctuations in the case of inappropriate use of laser engraving machine.

Fourth: In the environment of acid and alkali laser engraving machine not long-term use.

Fifth: Laser engraving machine operating ambient temperature, the machine is equipped with a purchase when the pump or chiller, chiller if it is, it does not need to ignore it, if it is the pump, the water temperature at 40 degrees when you need to change the water up.

How co2 laser engraving machine laser engraving machine carved glass?
Glass laser engraving, laser engraving machine operation requires a certain skill, or likely to cause poor or broken glass engraving effect.

You know, for such material glass engraving can only deal with the surface, but not too deep engraving, that is not able to completely cut glass. So what we need to carve another way to use it?

Front steps: coated glass cleaner, and then covered with newspaper or paper towels and the like do a layer of protection, then soaked paper, completely fit the glass surface, and requires relatively flat results.

CO2 laser engraver can also be worked in a lot of materials, such as advertising constrction, building decoration, furniture, toys, vessel mould, textile, packaging and paper, leather industry etc.

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Engraving: the glass into laser engraving machine, the paper is still wet form below carving. Precision can be set higher, the speed down.

After you finish: Remove the glass, co2 laser cutting machine slag can be washed off the paper above.

When carved, if it is time to carve some leaded crystal, which is a higher coefficient of expansion than other crystal, it will cause cracks or broken crystal, as long as the laser engraving machine power reduction can be avoided. And when people should not be carved too close, to prevent damage to the glass burst! In addition, if a friend can think of color acrylic paints simple shading.

Laser engraving machine factors determine the quality of what?
Customers often have this question: “? How to buy a good quality laser engraving machine,” On this issue, roughly following the separation to be judged in the future to determine the quality of the laser machine can do good or bad idea.

These points include: the main purpose, safety equipment, accessories, equipment: the installation and commissioning results, coupled with a reasonable price, these points can reach the ideal, so naturally it is a high-quality equipment.

First: the main purpose, refers to the user to purchase a laser engraving machine is mainly used to do, because the application field of laser equipment is relatively broad, and format size are different, the laser tube power are different sizes, so choose the right is the best, buy smaller impossible, to buy too big a waste of energy. So before you buy must be aware of.

Second: the device configuration accessories, in general, metal laser cutting machine businesses are given the standard configuration, so the configuration is to ask what brand, imported or domestically.

The gap is still there, if you do not understand, then you buy a domestic import configuration has spent the money, then it can only.

Third: laser engraving machine installation.

All of these parts are assembled, is a very fine living, generally do not have the years of experience of master level really good equipment, high credibility of the business in this area is still not neglect otherwise is shooting itself in the signs a.

Last is the price, and this goes without saying, the user will be more concerned about, so shopping around is king, configuration comparison, the sale of comparison, the price comparison drawn hearts of the best answers.

Here are just doing a simple summary, some users may be more ingenious methods, and when casually browse some of it.

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