laser engraving machine operation

Different uses of laser engraving machines offer what’s the difference.Depending on the engraving object (sculpture uses), the difference between the configured laser engraving machine exists in the laser tube power size, table format size, metal laser cutting machine  the other is standard, but customers can buy replacement parts in accordance with the wishes of the funds, so the difference between laser engraving machine on offer reflected here.

In addition to sculpture, but also can be used for cutting. For example, on the burning cloth garment flowers in acrylic cutting compared to the advertising industry, this material is not the same between the two treatment, needless to say, of course, is better than acrylic fabric processing difficulty is higher, it is not recommended two models price comparison. But it is worth noting that, more often, the role of objects most cutting and engraving laser engraving machine is quite diverse.

Lastly, it is recommended not to buy second-hand laser engraving machine, although the price it looks very “attractive”, but the problem still exist inside of which need to be examined carefully. If you can only buy used equipment, best to let people experience the device a detailed monitoring and evaluation, and then co2 laser cutting machine decide to buy it or not.

We do not recommend buying used equipment, after all, a used equipment prices are not much lower than the new production of laser engraving machine. As a budget you should know very well how this account is counted.

Co2 laser engraving machine MT-L960 can be used on most of non-metal materials such as acrylic, double color board, Plexiglas,Common glass, bamboo and wood, rubber, marble, granite and tiles, leather cloth car mat,clothes, acrylic, textile, wool,plastic,MDF, ABS, plastic, clothing, denim fabric, jeans, bra, underwear, bags,shoes, bathing suit, bath towel, pillow cover, arts and crafts, and all other nonmetal materials.

This laser engraver can be used on advertising construction, building decoration, furniture, toys, vessel mould, textile industry, packaging and paper, leather industry, art craft, art ware, souvenir Laser engraver for sale etc.

Laser engraving machine supporting the tank Cautions
Some laser engraving machine laser machine due to lack of customers are fully aware of the importance of maintenance, it often leads to various kinds of equipment failure.

Since the purchase, although mentioned in various parts of the business use precautions and maintenance methods, but some customers are inadequate attention to these “good trouble” or may not be implemented, the useful life of the laser device is greatly reduced. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment, maintenance measures should be made on a regular basis. Today, we say it is a cold water tank laser supporting the use of precautions and methods:

Cheng Ming laser engraving machine experts remind: a cleaning tank and replace the circulating water for one week period should be better. 2. Make sure the device is turned on full cycle of water within the first working laser tube.

An important factor affecting the co2 laser engraving machine life of the laser tube is circulating water quality and temperature, and we recommend injecting pure water, temperature control within 35.

As time laser engraving machine operation, the water temperature rises slowly, once close to 35, should be shut down for circulating water replacement or throwing ice cubes to reduce the effect of water temperature.
Tank cleaning method is simple:

Turn off and unplug the water pipes, let water flow back into the laser tube inside the tank, open the tank remove the pump, and then clean their dirt. Then place the pump in the tank, the injection of fresh water recycling, re-connect the pump inlet pipe saliva, after everything is ready, the pump is energized individually, within a few minutes after running the laser tube filled with recycled water can be.

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