Laser engraving machine matters needing attention of choose and buy online

Online shopping has a laser engraving machine:
Recently, the major equipment industry and focus on the online B2B website of laser engraving machine information, today is to discuss the general model of equipment choice need to pay attention to place on the Internet. And the price of all kinds of carving machine.。
1. price
60 W co2:1.6 W to 2.8 W
80 W co2:1.9 W to 3.3 W
100 W co2:2.1 W to 3.9 W
Above is all sorts of general models of price level. Can be seen from this price gap is very big, then enter the next topic.
2, why the price gap is so big.
First analyze, sales of laser equipment are generally manufacturers and individuals. On the analysis of the after-sales, isn’t it a lot of manufacturers to buy laser engraving machine going after all speak to the warranty 1 year. Then analyze according to this condition. First of all, is a personal sales of laser equipment, so the warranty is purely a year, personal selling, how to guarantee after-sales? On the analysis of the manufacturer, since after the factory so after whether have security, not necessarily! If it is a registered capital of tens or thousands, hundreds of thousands of companies and how to guarantee, so choose the registered capital of more, the registered capital of more does not necessarily after-sales guaranteed, after all, it’s hard to tell whether the shell companies. Then select register time the company for a long time. Because the shell companies hard to survive for a long time.
3, choose laser engraving machine vendors would notice on the Internet.
although the price is very important. But the premise is the quality, if the price is low, everyone is going to be cautious.
(2) read on the Internet many of the writing the so-and-so manufacturer is not the real manufacturer, because the site registration does not require must have the business license.

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