Laser engraving machine light path adjustment method

Laser engraving machine method of adjusting the optical path

Laser engraving machine light path adjustment method:
The first step: the laser current is set to 5 or less, resulting in laser power not too strong;
Step two: the dimming of paper placed in front of the first lens, hand tap test switch (tap once released, can see the laser spot can be played in the dimming of paper), rubber stamp making machine look at the spot falls the first lenses (preferably middle), if you can find lenses on to complete this step. If you can not hit the lens or is missed, you will need to adjust the position of the laser tube or height so that it can meet the above criteria.

The third step: the optical path adjustment between the lens and the second lens first. First, the laser beam into a second sheet in front of the lens, onto the guide rail in the position in Figure (a) stamp laser making machine at a test point switch look spot position.

Secondly, the guide pulled position (b) at the same point about the test switch, look at whether the position of two spots coincide. If the overlap of the lens and the light spot position within the optical path is illustrated between the lens 1 and 2 is correct; if you do not need to coincide with the lens 1 by adjusting the adjustment screw to adjust the  rear frame, together with the two points transferred.

Step four: the lens 2 and the optical path between the three adjustments. First, the laser head pushed into the diagram position (c) place, and put on the laser head dimming marriage holes before / tap test to look at the light switch classes, then pushed his head into position (d) place and re-click test switch, look at whether the two blots coincidence, coincidence, and if the two spots are within the aperture of the optical path of the laser head is correct; if not the same thing, you need to adjust the adjustment screws on the back of the frame 2 to be adjusted to achieve the above criteria. Note: Lens 1 and 2 and between 2 and 3 the principle of adjusting an optical path are the same.

Step five: the optical path adjustments (the key step) lens between 3 and 4 first remove the lens, the light of the following paper into the laser head tap test switch, take rubber stamp laser engraving machine a look at whether the spot is hit dimming paper the middle. If you happened to be in the middle, the light path is positive; if the spot to the right, the laser tube is too low; if the spot left, the laser tube is too high; needs met through adjustments in both cases the level of the laser tube to resolve.

If you spot against the inner or outer, you need to position the laser head (laser head with three screws, three screws can be adjusted by the laser head inside and outside) to achieve the purpose of adjusting the optical path.

Step Six: the lens mounted on the optical path of the transfer is complete.

Note: The adjustment requires some basic knowledge, such as: the principle of light reflection, etc., according to initial commissioning by certain instructions to do gymnastics, technical staff want to consult when necessary. In addition, the laser has a certain capacity and is not visible burns must pay attention to safety when the gun so dimming road.

Teach you how to prevent rust laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine engraving rust will have a huge impact, first of all, precision laser engraving machine is reduced, then that is a laser engraving machine operating noise increased, slowing down the production of extreme and efficiency, so in life, we should be how to prevent laser engraving machine rusty it

1. The steel parts of the surface, such as hardened ball of red bars, scrolling rail raceway, and steel fastener surface, laser rubber stamp making machine should be changed every few days with a cloth or cotton dipped in butter rubbed, other parts, should always observe whether there is a weak rust, if any, apply to erase cloth dipped in oil, and as a rust preventive focus.

2. The surface of aluminum parts, it should be changed every few days rubbed with a cloth dipped in butter, but also spray a layer of varnish, and often observe whether by pitting.

3. The best cooling water tank filled with anti-rust emulsified oil, do not use water.

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