Laser engraving machine is a way to achieve RBI sculpture

wood cnc router machine carving skills.Grayscale performance is not an ordinary mechanical sculpture carved in an economical way point of varying thickness, and therefore does not have the form of gray. Laser engraving machine is a way to achieve RBI sculpture, has a natural advantage in terms of grayscale performance.

To do this as far as possible in the design carved gray forms, so that the benefits of the coloring process while reducing cost savings; on the other hand to enrich the performance means carving J increased level of graphics. Users do when using different gray wall grams, carving choose black and white graphic output in the first CNC router machine mode, you can try different effects outlets such as the accuracy is generally not more than 500 workers
Carving materials

Wood (Zhu processed wood)

Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing of materials J easily carving and cutting. Light-colored wood such as birch, cherry or maple easily be laser vaporization J and thus more suitable for carving. Each timber plate production has its own characteristics, and some dense some J as hard at the end, when carving or cutting is necessary to use a larger laser power. We recommend not familiar with before carving wood carving to first study characteristics.


In fact, with the plywood carved on wood carving is not much difference between the J J just have one thing to note engraving depth can not be too deep. Plywood cutting edge will be like after the timber as black, to see if the key is to use the kind of wood veneer manufacturing.

Wood carving

In general, carved in wood carving is usually overcast and generally require deeper engraving depth. Such power is generally set higher in case of hard wood can cause quite graphic color becomes darker after carving. If you want to make the color lighter, can increase the speed of J tried to carve a few more birds chase. some wood carving wood will produce some soot attached to the surface of the timber if there is paint brush has a damp cloth wood CNC router machine to wipe it carefully, if you do not painting might not wipe-clean, resulting in the finished surface fouling.

Wood cutting

Depth of cut wood laser engraving machine is gerally not deep, the maximum depth of cut wood to look at materials and laser power, such as to cut very thick wood, cutting speed can be slowed, but may cause the invitation to burn wood. Specific operation can try to use large format lenses J and using repeated cutting methods.


After the wood carving in general there will be a burning sensation, with wooden background match has an original artistic wood carving cnc router machine beauty of its color depth mainly depends on the laser power and engraving speed. But some wood is usually soft texture that no matter what you can not change it quite colors (such as birch end). The coloring of the finished product, you can use acrylic paint.

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