Laser engraving machine installation steps

The installation of the laser engraving machine should go through the following steps:
1, remove the packing
On the packing first to check whether there is any damage on the laser tube, and then check whether there is any scratch on the machine appearance and accessories are complete.
2, put the position
Laser machine should be placed in ventilated dry place, away from the ground to close.After debugging good machine don’t move the machine as far as possible, otherwise need to adjust the light path
3, the most important thing is to install this step
(1) to a more than 2 mm diameter copper wires into the earth (depth of 1 m above), on the other side on the processing power.
(2) insert the control card microcomputer PCI slot, tighten bolts and connected the wires;Insert USB softdog, installed operating software and encryption dog driver.
(3) the water tank filled with pure water, good water pump, air pump, linked in and out of the water pipe and inlet pipe.Water cycle have to observe the laser tube in a few minutes without air bubbles, rotating laser tube to squeeze bubbles.
(4) the laser tube water pipe and anode wires connect well, and then into the laser tube snap ring.The laser power and laser tube of Yin and Yang very good, with cable.



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