Laser engraving machine engraving acrylic technology method

Laser engraving machine engraving acrylic technology method
Acrylic (an organic glass)
Acrylic is one of the most commonly used behind the wood carving material, it is easy to cut and carved, there are a variety of shapes and sizes, costs are relatively low.There are two kinds of organic glass production process: casting and rolling, laser engraving machine for sale is mainly use the way of casting production of organic glass, because it’s in
laser engraver for sale carved after the frost effect is very white, contrast with the original transparent texture, calender way after the production of organic glass in laser engraving machine carving is transparent, no enough contrast.When buying organic glass do you want to agency emphasize a kind of high purity, or buy back engraving or cutting materials may have the phenomenon of the melting.
In general, organic glass back engraved with the payment that is carved in the front and rear view, which makes the product more stereo feeling.When the back engraved please graphics to mirror, and carving faster, lower power.Such as sculpture when power is too high, can make the bottom appear uneven stripes, such as to develop deep carved some may try to carve a few times more.Carving on the back case of local color shading should first will be carved to get some deeper, and then use the flame polishing machine polishing, can only be coloring.If without polishing processing, seen from the front color is not uniform.
Organic glass is relatively easy to cut, such as customer’s requirement is not high, after cutting can delivery, without flame polishing again.Otherwise the blowing device should be used when cutting, to improve the quality of incision.When cutting more than 8 mm plexiglass, should change the large size of the lens.
Note: when using laser engraving machine price for cutting organic glass operators do not leave, there may be a flame cutting.
After carving can use wet cloth clean surface
Can use c thin paint, other pigments could damage organic glass finish.

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