Laser engraving machine during operation

TECHNICAL piercing laser cutting machine.Any kind of thermal cutting technology, except in a few cases can be started from the outside edge of the board, are generally required to wear a hole in the board. Before the laser punch press machine is used to punch out a hole, co2 laser engraving machine and then start from the hole with a laser cut expansion. About no punching apparatus laser cutting machine has two fundamental methods of perforation:

Blasting perforation – a continuation of the laser shines through the material after the formation of a pit in the center, and then by the laser beam coaxial oxygen flow quickly to remove the molten  material to form a hole. Generally related to pore size and thickness, blasting perforation thickness of half the average diameter, and thus thicker plate blasting hole diameter is large, and not round, not in the high precision machining of parts used, metal laser cutting machine only with on waste. Furthermore, since the oxygen pressure used perforation and cutting the same, a larger splash.

Pulse perforation – adopting high peak power pulsed laser so that a small amount of the material melting or vaporization, commonly used as an auxiliary air or nitrogen gas, to reduce less so due to the exothermic oxidation hole expansion, small oxygen pressure than the gas pressure when cutting.

Each laser pulse jet produced only small particles, gradually deepened, and thus the time required for a few seconds perforated planks. Once the piercing is completed, Li immediately expand the auxiliary gas into oxygen cutting. Such smaller diameter perforation, its quality is better than blasting perforation perforation.

For this reason the use of lasers should not only have a high output power; more important is the time Laser engraver for sale and spatial characteristics of the beam, and therefore can not meet the general cross-flow laser co2 laser cutting requirements.

Furthermore perforation pulse must have a more reliable pneumatic control system, in order to achieve the type of gas, manipulating the switching time and perforated gas pressure.

After laser engraving machine graphics output size is wrong, how do
Laser engraving machine during operation, after loading the graphics, found the wrong size, how to handle it Laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine manufacturers for this situation as we explained as follows:

After the resulting laser engraving machine graphics output size is wrong, we must first check the actual size of the graphic, if there is no problem, it is necessary to change the machine-driven segments, each movement, pulse.

Paper cutting craft laser engraving machine maintenance Cautions

Please refer to the laser engraving machine, laser cutting machine maintenance. Here only a brief introduction.

1, the laser tube cold water is really important in being. Anhydrous work, cause fatal damage to the laser tube. Indeed cold water must be frequently changed to ensure clean, pure water is recommended. Work long hours, the water temperature is too high. Must be promptly replaced.

2, rails ensure clean, regular lubrication.

3, the laser lens contamination promptly wipe.

4, regular cleaning of electronic devices, co2 laser cutting machine the control box of dust.

5, to ensure a stable supply voltage as much as possible, if necessary, install a regulator.

6, lightning storms and humid environment, the equipment should be stopped.

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