Laser engraving machine cutting circle is not round

A:Laser engraving machine, cutting out of round or starting point and end point can not overlap, there are mainly three points
1: used for laser engraving processing image itself is not closed or there is a problem, you can check the below try to enlarge the observation
Part 2: laser engraving electromechanical roads are signal interference, chassis control panel can be laser engraving machine control, grounded
3: whether there is a deviation between mechanical belt gear
If there is a dirty thing between each gear
XY belt are lhe swelling,
Do a 1000 * 1000 box to find a Zhang Pingde board to quickly cut a trace (don’t cut through) measure the length of the diagonal of the box are the same
If there is a deviation that beam (x axis and Y axis is not perpendicular to the available a diameter of about 3 mm wire on the Y axis side belt and gear wheels, mobile Y axis to adjust the beam position
Laser engraving machine, cutting size is not standard
Above reason is that software inside mechanical parameters (motor is wrong)
Can draw a 1000 mm linear measure if the actual distance is 990 mm, motor parameters in current software if it is 21.3 (each)
We use 990 * 21.3/1000 (actual distance multiplied by each movement divided by graphics should walk the length of the) number of come out is accurate motor parameters (each)
Go out of number to replace the original motor parameters.

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