Laser engraving machine consists of five parts

Composed of laser engraving acrylic laser engraving machine.Composed of laser engraving machine

Laser engraver machine consists of five parts: mechanical systems, optical systems, transmission, control systems and auxiliary systems.

1 mechanical platform: the cover, rails, base, reflecting the composition of frames and other mechanical parts.

2 optical systems: the laser tube, laser power supply, three mirrors and a focusing mirror components.

3 Transmission: four balanced by three high-precision imported linear guide rail, belts, two stepper motors and several gears.

4 Control system: high-speed control cards, power supply, stepper motor drives.

5 auxiliary systems: a circulation of co2 laser engraver cold moving water pump, blowing compressors, smoke exhaust fan.

Laser engraving machine Introduction

Laser cutting machine is a new type of laser data processing equipment,

Mainly used for: crafts, furniture, glass, wood, PVC, lighting, advertising, decoration, paper, Mark plates, stamps and seals, acrylic, bamboo products, handbags and shoes, clothing and apparel, and other fabrics. By adjusting the laser parameters, the machine can be a variety of carving and cutting.

This machine has many advantages: cut smooth, non-contact cutting, high speed carving, carving accurate and effective.

Construction: Laser engraving and cutting machine is composed of an optical system, work platform, control system, cooling system and auxiliary system structure.
Wood laser engraving machine

Wood carving mainly used in cutting board, wood model, wood parquet, hanger sculpture, wooden frames and so on. Wood materials are plywood, solid wood, MDF, the current application is the most cutting plywood. Usually plywood distinguish 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, these co2 laser engraving machine are all cut, normal 3mm plywood-like speed of 1.2 m / min can cut through some solid plate can be cut 10mm.

Specific situation the material. When cutting die plate 6mm 63.5mm focusing lens is preferably used, the speed of 0.2-0.4 m / min, the light intensity of 75-80%, with a large pump or compressor, the effect is better. Wooden model of cutting the general thickness of 3 mm or less, the general speed of 0.5-1.2 m / min. Cut veneer parquet with double focusing mirror general, demanding customers, try to use RF tube. Because RF tube spot fine,, tiny slits. Hanger sculpture – the best choice when carving a small area engraving machine. Depending on the size of wood engraving pattern, and the wood laser engraving machine effects desired motor speed setting. Some customers want more black eagle, choose defocus engraving. Pump size affects the degree burn.

Hot drilling template cutting and engraving, hot drilling template varied materials used, cut with: hot drilling paper, engraving (MDF) or thin acrylic, hot drilling paper cutting generally use 50mm focusing lens, open blowing and suction, the flat cardboard on the cellular absorption of cutting parameters and process no special requirements, as part of the graphics will not cut too much, speed is generally 0.5 to 3.5 m / min, the light intensity value is generally about 18-40, although may increase the blowing, to reduce the discoloration of the cut edge. Rhinestone plate engraving speed at 10 m / min, light intensity 35%, resolution 600 dpi or more. Hot drilling depends on the specific size, the larger drilling hot, hot drilling thickness is thick, hot carved panels have to drill deeper.

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