Laser engraving machine classification and characteristics

Laser engraving machine classification and characteristics

Classified according to their function and characteristics, laser engraving machine general category were six categories, as follows:

The industry gradually into the purchase cost of laser equipment to enhance their competitiveness, but there are also laser machine users do not understand, we can focus a laser inscription website for more relevant information that can help you pick the best combination of processing machinery equipment.

Firstly, laser engraving machine to do a detailed analysis, I believe that more users can personal experience to support their own co2 laser engraving machine industry but also want to get laser technology.

What is a laser engraving machine High temperature laser principle, carving engraving workpiece, which is characterized by high efficiency, no distortion, high precision, exquisite designs, is now widely used in a variety of non-metallic carved into fields.

Laser engraving machine is suitable for materials: general non-metallic materials, including: acrylic, wool, plastic, rubber, ceramic tile, marble, crystal, jade, bamboo products, wood products, paper, leather, fabric, acrylic, epoxy resin.
Laser engraving machine engraving rough solutions

Using  a laser engraving machine cut co2 laser cutting machine lettering appear tactless phenomenon, first understand that the main reason is twofold:

First: engraving machine vibration condition occurs, indicating that the difference between straight-line speed and curve speed is too large font rough not smooth.

Second: engraving machine X-axis and Y-axis a gap, there exist a gap between the two, so that when the swing engraving, carving path deviation generated lettering rough problem.

Such a problem to deal with solutions to:

One approach to the situation: the need to modify the line or the speed of the curve, the main basis for the engraving machine to determine the size of their own arguments.

Situation Two: Check and adjust the top and bottom rails and sliders around, and if it is circular orbit, then it is too much trouble, only the rail or slider replacement.

Laser engraving machine and traditional sculpture has more obvious advantages compared

Laser engraving machine and traditional carving has an absolute advantage in the processing, the first laser engraving and materials are not in contact, eliminating the loss of traditional carving tool, in addition to operational errors, are in the possibility of product failure does not occur, and fine workmanship, simple and clear, the only thing to do is to adjust to the optimal parameter settings, metal laser cutting machine and the rest of the work is completed to the laser engraving machine, the speed advantage of this time reflected more obvious.

Because the laser engraving and traditional principles are fundamentally different, the material can not handle many traditional carving, laser engraving machine was able to do this. The following is a summary of the specific advantages:

Compared with traditional sculpture, high speed, high precision, can be carved more complex pattern or material

Trimming the gap at around 0.1mm, the font is not deformed, no edges, so it was no longer polishing process

Special materials can be glass, leather, rubber, foam board for processing, as good results

Without the help of other fixed way, you can make a stable carving

A wide range of areas of application, a variety of processing Laser engraver for sale methods, a wide range of processing materials.

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