Laser engraving machine applications in several industries

Laser engraving machine applications in several industries

Widely used laser engraving machine range, we recommend different solutions according to different industries, these products Why choose laser engraving machine for processing it? We will make a brief analysis.

Model Material Processing Solution: China is the world’s largest exporter of model aircraft, model aircraft market share of China in the global share of over 75%. In the case of high-volume, manual processing model plate already destop laser engraver cutter machine can not meet the growing demand for exports and those critical eye. Laser cutting in the model industry advent changed the situation, improve efficiency several times.

It has high efficiency, good accuracy, is the model of the company as an inevitable trend of model aircraft supporting the processing equipment.CNC laser cutting machine in the application of high-speed model aircraft industry has: high speed, high precision, smooth curve cutting, energy balance to make up the cutting surface is smooth and other significant advantages, is the industry’s manufacturers as the preferred model aircraft.

Appliqu embroidery laser cutting process, there are two very important steps, that is affixed cloth embroidered front after cutting and embroidery cutting cutting. In the traditional process, the defect before the embroidery cutting knife mold processing methods used that fabric to be prone to side, and precision die cutter restricted by heterosexual difficult to process graphics, Die production cycle often, high cost, and therefore restricted appliqu development.

And after embroidered cutting cutting, mostly used is eager desktop mini laser engraving machine processing mode, in which there are large gaps trimming edges yellow hard, it is difficult to position and other shortcomings. Heterosexual graphics rely on artificial hand cut, it is easy to loose edges, resulting in waste, it is imperative that there is an advanced processing methods to replace the two old way of processing.

Although it belongs to the laser processing thermal processing methods, but because of the height of the focus of the laser irradiation spot slender, small thermal diffusion zone, and therefore very suitable for textile fiber fabric cutting. Specifically in the processing of a wide range of fabrics, cuts smooth without flash, automatic shut, no deformation, graphics design random by computer and output without cutting die and so on. This makes the laser processing has become the industry recognized alternative.

Clothing accessories Processing Solutions: More than two-thirds of the textile and apparel fabrics can use a laser to produce a variety of digital patterns. Traditional textile fabric production process requires post-wear flowers, hot flowers, embossing processing, and laser burning spent on hobby laser engraver this area has produced a convenient, fast, and flexible pattern transformation, the image is clear, stereoscopic, can fully demonstrate the various the true nature of the fabric texture, and lasting for years and other advantages. If combined with hollowing process is the finishing touch each other.

Laser embroidered fabric and garments for: textile fabric finishing plants, fabrics deep processing plants, readymade garments factories, surface materials and processing enterprises. Corrugated packaging and weaving platemaking process solutions: traditional packaging platemaking are handmade, low efficiency, poor accuracy of its ills. Resin version as a modern new plate-making process, although print volume of excellence, but the cost of equipment and supplies extremely expensive, a lot of manufacturers had already come to devour low profits, laser engraving machine, plate making to improve the accuracy and shorten the production of man-hours ; especially slope carving and netted four-color separation overlay map, solve the high cost of packaging manufacturers platemaking, small-volume problem.

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