Laser engraving machine application is becoming more and more widely

Engraving machine is mainly used industry field:
Mould industry: laser engraving machine can be used for carving copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, and artificial marble, sand, plastic board, PVC pipes, board and other non-metal mold.
Other industries: laser engraving machine can be used for carving all kinds of large-scale relief, carving, widely used in craft gifts industry.
In the past two years laser engraving machine development trend:
Mature with the development of nc industry, laser engraving machine is gradually known by the general population and has been applied in the development of all walks of life, it’s like for us to plug in the wings, make us have multiplied the production efficiency, so that we in the face of the competition in the same industry leading position.
As is known to all, jinan in the country are known as the hometown of carving machine, jinan occupies 65% share of the production, per year on average daily number of machine sent to the national and overseas about 300 units. But because in the past few years the chaos of the existence of carving machine market, mode of production, as well as some small mill machine quality closes nevertheless phenomenon also happen from time to tome, also caused a huge loss for the user. Nearly two years, as jinan engraving machine industry a new attribute, some small workshops are gradually ban processing, the quality of the product and its performance gets greatly improved, many new and old customers confidence.

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