laser engraving is over almost all of the material onto the laser woodwork

Determine the factors engraving laser engraving machine level.When the high-speed carving, still get super fine quality carving carving carving strength to strength refers to the strength of the material onto the surface of the laser. Engraving machine for a particular speed, the greater the intensity, cutting or carving the greater depth. You can use the panel to adjust the  co2 laser cutting machine intensity of the engraving machine, but also to adjust the sequence of your computer using the print driver. Within the scope of an engraving machine performance.

Adjustment is 1% of the greater strength, greater speed engraving machine equivalent. Depth of cut more deeply the spot size of the beam spot size can be used to adjust the lens of different focal lengths. Small spot lens for high-resolution engraving. Engraving large spot lens for the lower resolution, but Vector cutting, the best choice. Configure the new device specifications are 20-inch lens. Its spot size in the middle, for a variety of occasions.

The only difference is that the toner is applied to printing on paper, and laser engraving is over almost all of the material onto the laser woodwork, jak tablets, plastic sheeting, metal plates, stone and so on. Each time carving out a series of points by a line, laser engraving machine co2 laser engraving machine can be divided in different ways by carving carvings and lattice vector cutting: dot dot carving sculpture resembles a tall resolution dot matrix printing. Laser head from side to side.

Then the laser head moves up and down while carving out a number of lines, and finally constitute a full-page image or text. Graphics, text and vector graphics can be used to scan the dot engraving. Lattice vector cutting and engraving, vector graphics outer contour cutting is carried out online. This mode is typically used on wood, Senanayake tablets, paper and other materials through the cut, it can operate in a variety of marking material surface.

Mainly by the engraving speed, strength, and spot size sculpture decision. Engraving speed engraving speed refers to the speed of the laser head movement, usually IPS inches / sec, bring high-speed production efficiency. Speed is also used to control the cutting depth, for a given laser intensity, the slower the speed, the depth of cutting or Laser engraver for sale carving, engraving machine can engrave general the following materials: wood, glass, metal plates, glass, stone, crystal, Corian resistant, paper, color plates, aluminum, leather, resin, spray metal. Process is very simple, using a laser engraving machine cutting.

As the use of computers and printers to print on paper. You can use a variety of graphics software environments, such as such as design, scanning graphics,  vector graphics and a variety of CAD files can easily “print” engraving machine.

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