Laser engraver machine table uneven treatment

The laser tube laser engraving machine
Glassy laser tube, inflatable, good laser rubber stamp making machine performance and long service life, and supporting the use of laser machines

One. Product Description:
This is mainly made of hard glass, the cavity, the electrode consists of three parts.
1. The hard glass portion; GG17 material by this member fired into the discharge tube, water-cooled jacket, sleeves and back to the trachea and gas composition. Sealed-off CO2 laser is usually three casing structure. The innermost is the discharge tube in the middle is the water net sets, the outermost layer is the gas units, return pipe is used for communication with the discharge tube and the gas pipe.

2. cavity section: This part consists of all mirror and output mirrors. Full-mirror rubber stamp laser engraving machine resonator optical glass substrate generally, surface crossing the gold film, gold film mirror reflection over 10.6um near 98%; output mirror resonator generally use infrared radiation transmissive material 10.6um germanium (Ge) as a substrate, in the above crossing and the dielectric multilayer film made.

3. The electrode portions: CO2 lasers generally use a cold cathode is cylindrical in shape, the choice of the cathode material has a great effect on the life of the laser, the cathode material of the basic requirements that: the sputtering rate, to the gas absorption rate, commonly the metal material is nickel.
II. Usage: laser engraving machine

Line 1. first electrode connected, (+, -) Do rubber stamp making machine not pick the wrong pole.
2. The cooling water pipe connected, connection for water from the anode, cathode and down into the water on the principle satisfied, and the interface is not leaking. Must store enough water in the water before use, after the bubble through the water inside the water cooling pipes must weather before using (you must look at every time before use). Laser Engraving Machine

3. Users are advised to clean the laser tube was added water system automatically detects the device to prevent the laser tube working without water due to overheating malfunction, please consult the laser machine supplier.

III. Maintenance, service:
1. Before each use must look through the water cycle is normal and no bubbles.

2. regularly inspect the negative output mirror for dust and grease, if you use fat-free cotton coated with ether scrub, otherwise it will affect power and flare, resulting in life affect the laser.
Laser engraver machine table uneven treatment

Laser engraving machine factory countertops milling cutters are used, so the rugged mesa phenomenon does not exist. But we stamp laser making machine used to process the stone there is definitely an error, we at the bottom left of the knife materials when possible it is the highest point or the lowest point of the material, will appear in the actual sculpture carved shades of when. In order to avoid the situation of different shades began carving carving requires the time of origin will XY and Z axes separately right. XY-axis positioning the lower left corner and then the material, Z axis moves to the intermediate material positioning. If the material level that much difference, in the engraving should be put on the lower material into three sections, respectively origin. When carving the material underneath something, try to make the material level.

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