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The amount of laser engraver machine supplies the reasons for the increase

Laser engraving machine in life has become an indispensable device, perhaps we are not common, but we do like it very product, which is fine jewelry, but the opportunity arises supplies laser engraving large phenomenon, in general, next, the case of laser engraving machine appears to increase the amount of supplies, there are five main reasons, here we look at.
1, the use of laser engraving machine in the process, do not use the corresponding supporting software caused.

2, prolonged fatigue using laser engraving machine, did not do wear appropriate maintenance, parts between the larger, so do not use laser engraving machine for a long time, should Otherwise, it will shorten the life of the laser engraving machine.

3, prolonged use of laser engraving machine, can not achieve the effect of automatic carving, thus increasing the amount of supplies.

4, the use of laser engraving machine in the process, because the product quality is poor, its numerical control system instability occurs, which led to increasing the amount of supplies in here suggest that you, in the formal purchase laser engraving machine, so the wood laser engraving machine

5, did not use those high-end models to operate carving, carved out of the product caused by poor quality.

Use of laser engraving machine
Laser engraving machine for precision molds, toys, handicrafts industry. Laser engraving machine can be used for processing copper electrode, stamping die, hot stamping die, metal, epoxy molding, rubber molding, etc., can also be used for batch processing watches, glasses and other hardware products. Engraving materials include steel, iron, copper, plastics, wood, acrylic and so on. In particular, can carved steel, is unique in the industry.
Watches jewelry engraving machine structure fully consider the characteristics of the workpiece, using the operation more convenient.

acrylic laser engraving is our new machine design, it is much cheaper than the common laser machines. It is very practical.
There is no electric up down table with this laser engraver, but it was equipped with both honey comb work table and aluminum knife work table. So acrylic laser engraving it suitable for both hard and soft non metal materials. As we are developing its market recently, this laser machine is on sale.

Laser engraving machine more humane, for watches, glasses, cell phone case, and other metal products;
Mainly laser engraving machine adopts four-axis linkage to address the needs of small crafts and watch parts processing sculpture, carved small peck;

Whether proofing or production, laser engraving machine than the traditional hand-carved with unparalleled advantages.
Performance laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine for precision CNC equipment, the necessary daily care and maintenance is essential for life and the accuracy of the machine. Each machine after use, should pay attention to clean up, make sure to dust on the platform and drive clean.

1, laser engraving machine adopts advanced CNC system, property rights co2 laser engraver independent, easy to upgrade expansion, using the handle operation, large screen display, operation and maintenance easier, design more humane.

2, anti-jamming design of hardware and software synchronization, high-performance CPU, ensuring reliable system operation. Laser engraving machine with advanced three-dimensional intelligent predictive algorithm to ensure that curve, line, high-speed operation and high precision.

3, flexible data acquisition mode: can be read by any handle, the network, such as processing data, the process is completely offline, handle communications with the computer using the USB interface, data transfer co2 laser engraving machine faster.

4, software compatibility, compatible with a variety of design software. Laser engraving machine also has a breakpoint, continued carving function, and promptly correct the error code file functions and homing automatic error correction function.

5, the machine uses casting structure, rigidity, no distortion, anti-backlash lead screw nut imports of dual rail, ensuring high-speed operation and high precision.

6, with a high-power laser engraving machine micro-step drive, make carving more precise, smooth high frequency water-cooled spindle motor, interchangeable spindle design, sculpture, engraving and milling, cutting easy.

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