Laser engraver machine laser head maintenance

Laser engraver machine laser head maintenance

As a high-tech laser engraving machine CNC products, the most important part is the laser engraving machine laser head, so that the laser head laser engraving machine maintenance is the maintenance and upkeep of the most important. People often use laser engraving machine, encounter a variety of problems, which, laser engraving machine laser engraving machine technology Commissioners concerning the laser head does not light a problem for everyone to explain the analysis, we hope to help .

1, according to the operation wood laser engraving machine of the laser engraving machine  panel ammeter test button to check whether the current outlook indicates: If no current: Check the laser power supply is turned on, power lines are loose or fall off, the signal cable is loose; if there are current: Check the lens is broken , laser tube light aperture and lens is contaminated, the optical path is serious offset.

2, check the Subaru laser engraving machine water circulation system is normal: nowhere Water: Check the pump is damaged or not electricity; pass the water: Check the inlet, whether the outlet co2 laser engraver is reversed or broken pipes.

3, can burst out of the light, a computer controlled engraving does not light, check the laser engraving machine control panel to light even connect the power supply.

4, laser engraving machine power board damaged (factory maintenance).

More than 24 of laser engraving machine laser head of the most common problems we encounter when using a similar problem if you can control check. In short, the use of CNC equipment, be sure to regularly overhaul, maintenance and repair.

Laser engraving machine supply perishable analysis

Laser engraving machine power bad for many reasons, according to the experience we have accumulated over the years are summarized below!

1, the machine unstable power supply (preferably connected to a separate power supply)

2, the machine does not have a ground wire (not a very high probability of machine power ground wire burn yo)

3, water circulation ineffective (only when the water temperature overheating will shorten the life of the laser tube, laser power supply as well)

4, the laser tube and laser power mismatch co2 laser engraving machine   (principle says very clearly, have to be an expert to explain)

5, the laser tube seal is not good (dust if piled on top of the laser tube will form much static, so that may also affect the laser power of life)

6, improper operation (often at 100% power will be open to influence, suggested that the highest power control in about 85 on it)

Laser engraving machine how to save time

What is being done is to pay attention to efficiency, do we also pay more attention to this line engraving saving time, to ensure the quality of work, while saving time, improving efficiency up, we use laser engraving machine engraving work related when it can be to save working time: engraving bitmap, they can appropriate to reduce the resolution, the purpose is to accelerate the pace of work, it saves time; there is a depth of theoretical knowledge is processed with the speed of the laser machine and power is proportional, so that we can deduce if at the same power, the faster then if I more shallow depth of our engraving, on the contrary it is deeper, acrylic laser engraving  so we should try to improve the speed and power to shorten the time ; there is a point when a time-saving if you need a lot of practical work in the production of small size with the specifications of the product, the maximum width of the X-direction should not exceed 300mm, so you can make the round trip speed of the laser head is accelerated, thereby improving the speed, time will be saved down.

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