Laser engraver machine cutting / engraving depth is not enough reason

Laser engraving machine engraving and cutting process overhead lines.Laser engraving machine engraving and cutting process overhead lines
If the communication route out what the problem, replace the communication line.
If the laser machine and computers on the ground there is no place better, users should be well placed laser machine and the computer on the ground.

What problems arise if the application software, the user should reposition the software and reinstall the driver software.

If the laser machine and ambient humidity and dust above conflict with the console, cables and internal wiring, in front of the machine running clean and warm up.

If the external power supply is unstable and chaotic, the user hobby laser engraver should use a stable power supply.

If the computer system error, reinstall the system or replace the computer.
If the surrounding environment with a high frequency of contact surfaces, please stay away from this environment.

When carving or cutting, production can not accept or partial substitute or partial loss
If the design of the file exceeds the working width of the laser machine, the user should be designed to reduce the width and wide, so that in the proper range.

If the document is outside too, the user should be appropriate to reduce the resolution, or change the scanning speed before accelerating the scan did not advance before scanning.
Firmware laser engraving machine library with the card does not match
Firmware laser engraving machine library with the card does not match
D5 indicator MPC6515 / MC version on, D6, D7, D8 Always,
Inspection methods: the power and control on the card and computer communications under conditions
Click “Mpc05Ver + M05.exe”, a dialog box appears:

Library Version: MPC05LS.DLL file (check the version of the method, click mpc05ls.dll properties, then click on the “version” to see its version number)
Firmware version: Hardware version requires the control card power to detect version. And library firmware version must match up, otherwise it can not be output or processing is not normal.

Hardware Version: The firmware version on the card need to control power to detect version. If you become V0.0.0.0 description card inside the FPGA program is missing, please re-download the program with U-disk, or if abnormal, please return to the manufacturer.

USB version: destop laser engraver cutter machine USB communication line is our program, this version must determine whether this version, otherwise it will cause communication timeout problems.
Selection laser engraving machine supporting cooler
Users laser engraving machine in the choice of supporting the circulating cooling machine, you should take into account several important factors:

1, the application of the laser tube power laser machine.
Laser tube operating temperature is too high will produce irreversible damage, the laser output power weakened. Long-term work in high temperature laser tube life will be shortened, such as laser tube power and greater luminous efficiency should be considered a large cooler.
2. laser engraving machine working temperature.
General cooling machine has low temperature protection feature, when the water temperature is below 10 cooling fan stopped working. Therefore important to consider the case of high temperature, high temperature working environment should be considered if a large cooler.

3, the laser processing on the cooling temperature requirements.
Laser engraver machine cutting / engraving depth is not enough reason?
If the desktop mini laser engraving machine power of the laser output is too low, the user should increase the power output from the control panel
If the cutting / engraving speed is too fast, the user should adjust the software to reduce the cutting / engraving speed.

If the reflector and lens on the optical path is destroyed overalls and dust pollution, or mirror or reflective layer on the lens, users should clean or replace the mirror
If the focus point is not in the correct position, the user should be adjusted.
If the laser tube aging, the user should increase the laser power or replace the laser tube.
If the laser power supply is not sufficient, users should adjust or replace the laser power

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